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Dollshe Haute Hound and regular Hound differences?

Feb 28, 2006

    1. What are the differences between Haute Hound and regular Hound?

      In the past couple months I've been becoming increasingly concerned with the fact that Helene's Hounds are making me like Hounds more than I did at first. However, it's just recently occurred to me that the two of her Hounds that I like best, Berlin and Viridian, are both Haute Hounds. What exactly makes them different from regulars, where can one purchase them and why do I like them so much? ;__;
    2. ^-^ Haute hounds are stunning. I have one ~
      They were 30 released for Haute Doll magasine ~ He has a special faceup, the old version 1 body, and a special outfil all hand made personally by Anu of Tensiya.
      I think you can still get one of the ones left over from Tensiya.com but I'm not wholly certain of that.

      ^-^ Best of luck bringing one home
    3. whats the difference between the old body and the new body?
    4. You are incredibly lucky if you've fallen for the LE Haute Hound and happen to have the money handy because www.tenisya.com have less than ten of these amazing Hounds left. The Haute Hound has the most amazing face-up and in addition to the exquisite handmade costuming, he has a fantastic wig - his whole look is just GORGEOUS!

      He is more expensive than buying the doll alone, but if that's the face-up you love, you should consider it.


      click on Anu Limited
    5. So the only difference is in the body type and the faceup? The face itself isn't different in any way?

      Oh god, this doll needs to stop being so gorgeous.. I am a broke-ass high school senior, there's no way in hell I could pay for him..

      ... I wonder if my parents would consider buying one as a graduation present. .__.; I could even wait until June to actually get him, but you telling me there are less than 10 left.. *paws at the screen*
    6. oh god I double-posted and I have no idea how to delete.. I AM A WINNER. .__.;;;
    7. oh man T___T THANK YOU!! do you mind if i ask where did you see berlin/viridian?? i stopped posting their pics here 2 months ago...

      i don't know if anyone else agrees with me but!! me, my sister and anyone else who have seen berlin/viri in comparison to the regular hounds all said that the h.hound face mold IS significantly different.

      i noted:
      - h.hound has rounder bigger eyes and the ends slant downward where the regular hounds angle upward (making them look catlike)
      - h.hound jaws are not so squarish
      - h.hound eyelids are deeper and bigger fold (making them look more caucassian)
      - h.hound face has more rounded features (round jaw, round cheeklines, round profile)

      well if you are getting them congratulations! there are many owners of h.hound here on the forum if you want to have more look butterfly, zagzagael, cynthia flinthills (?), carmen171... i can't remember who else T___T and they are all very very lovely!
    8. I think Helene summed up the head sculpt differences. I'm surprised no one mentioned them before. Those are the most obvious differences to me anyway, and a big reason why I love him so much. x__x Waah, fellow Haute Hound luster-afterer~ *shakes hand*
    9. Ah, helene, I've had your livejournal friended for a while. ^^; I've always liked Berlin+Viri best, but it only recently occurred to me "oh hey, they're different from her other Hounds." ._.;;

      Thanks for the info, though.. I'm glad I wasn't imagining the differences in the face mold. XD But I really am so torn now.. I don't have the money, resources or emotional capacity to get another doll right now, Hounds don't even look GOOD with Chiwoos.. but god damn, H.Hounds are eating at my SOUL. ;__;
    10. ^-^ I think Hounds look fine with chiwoos ~ though the CP boys do look very styalised next to Hounds less exagerated features (bar that big pretty Escaflowne nose XD)

    11. Wow I knew there were some differences but not that much...and I love the Haute Hound more as well :aheartbea

      Thanks Helene dear!

    12. Actually....Hounds look great with Chiwoos IMHO XD~

    13. Ooops - Helene, I don't own a Haute Hound - but I would LOVE to...just have to portion out the dollie funds in such a way that I can't justify that boy. I'm waiting for the Open-eyed Bermann...but I do agree with your incredible critique and find myself doing a double-take everytime I see a HauteHound because he does look so much like the Bermann!

      Well worth the extra cash if Hound is to your taste!
    14. Ohh goddd Leeda you're making it worse. ;___; I just posted a picture request thread for more Hound+Chiwoo but that one kills me with cute. ;3;
    15. Hiya guys~
      I was just wondering if anyone still had the Haute Doll Hound special article kicking around. I know there was a link to it here on DoA at some point, where there were decent sized scans of the pages. I've tried googling for it and searching here but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

      Thank you thank you

    16. Ahhh thank you^_^ You're a gem that's exactly what I was looking for! All the links I did manage to find were dead.
      <3 much loves
    17. I'm not sure if this has been requested yet, but I'll take a stab at it ^^;. I've been pondering the thought of getting a hound, but the pictures on luts and other sites selling Dollshe differ from the images Tensiya has up. And i was wondering if i could get some feedback on Hounds bought from Tensiya (and possibly other companies) compared to Haute Hound. I know there are significant differences, but i just can't afford a HHound.
      if it's possible, I'd like a front on, 3/4, and profile view....or any really. ^_^;; thank you so much, this'll help me greatly!
    18. Haute Hound is a V1 Hound like my Armand. There are fewer V1's around than there are V2's, and they do look slightly different. Chest is narrower, eyes are more oriental. hands are double jointed.