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Dollshe Hound Obsessed

May 21, 2006

    1. Oh man, after looking at different piccies of everyone's Hounds,I am quickly becoming Hound obsessed.I thought,I was before but this blows it completely away. He is like the epitome of the perfect male doll to me( no offense to the other male dolls out there),and that is saying alot.I 've looked at all the other male dolls out there,but I keep coming back to him,which means he's coming home first.That's how it was with Heather,and sometime in the future,I will have my Bardic Mage Amergin join the family
    2. Having 2 Dollshe boys myself [one which is a Hound IM] I'd have to agree...they are perfect \(^0^)/
      Long legs, arms gorgeous hands...yes they are perfections!! *hearts*

      I mean how can you resist this!!!


      Good luck with your boys ^_^

    3. LOL, your boys are one of the reasons,why I'm obsessed with Hound.It's amazing how they can convey so many moods,and still look so incredibly sexy.
    4. They're amazing guys... 'Just beautiful in person.

      I fell absolutely in love with them after seeing Leeda's Carus and another of our local crew's boys, Luca, "live"... Sway, Kai, and Marius here on DoA also did their part in making Hound the only real possibility for my Seimei. Once they worm their lanky way into your heart, there's not much chance of going back, I'm afraid. :D

      I've had Seimei almost a month now, and he still just astounds me sometimes with how much grace and presence he has. My other boys are great, expressive, beautiful guys... But none of them has a profile that can compare to Seimei's. And those hands... :nosebleed I love Hound hands.

      If you haven't handled one out IRL yet, I highly recommend doing so, though. They're different from CP guys, DOD guys, and Volks guys in a lot of ways as far as posing and jointing are concerned. Getting to play with one is the best way to know for sure if you really do want one. There's no substitute for hands-on exposure.
    5. I totally agree! I also obsess over Hounds! I bought 3 after I saw Helene's, Sabrielle's and Christy's! they are so beautiful beyond words to me! of course I still want more!
    6. .................
    7. Just seeing rl pics of your Hounds comes about as close to handling one for me. Living in a remote area,I'm probably the only one in the immediate area, I know of ,who has a BJD,or knows what they are.I love what I've seen so far,and he has pretty much wormed his way into my heart already.At one time,I thought El ,was pretty hot. He still is,but he doesn't call out to me,like Hound does.
    8. The only one I got to handle was Spacemuffin's back in January, but he's sold now. I'm the only person in my town who even knows what a BJD is, so I know how you feel. All the hounds here make me want one as well.
    9. [​IMG]

      XD Welcome to the club babe! (Kai is the one in red, Raine (Anntagonist's hound) is in blue)

      Hounds are wonderful.. hell Dollshe boys are wonderful. They -can- be akward to handle. They're lanky and heavy and need a bit of getting used to.. but if they're for you.. then you'll never turn back XD

      Be smitten and love it. XD
    10. I completely feel you there, Hounds are amazing, I completely love the hand sculpt and the complete diffrence in expressions depending on faceups..
    11. When I started getting into these dolls, I thought they were all pretty kewl, but when I saw the hound..I knew i had to have one, but when I saw the price..I knew it would be a while.....but as luck would have it..I got a good raise at work and a really good tax return....and someone on here was selling their SA Hound on ebay...I put a bid on him...figuring I would get outbid...no one bid against me...and the auction was at least a week long...I was floored!!!
      I won my heartthrob!! I am waiting for an armature to put in to help with the belly pop...then on to blush him...I won't part with him.
      and he has finally told me his name...its Dalton...
    12. Hehe, Hounds were my first BJD loves. I agree that I see them as the "epitome of the perfect male doll" There are no other male dolls that I've wanted as much as Hound.
    13. omg!! SAbriel's boys chest!!! IM gonna die.....VERY HAPPY!

    14. *pokes you* Don't die dear...there is still so much you haven't seen yet ^_~*
      But yes...BOY CHEST!!!! *fangirls* X3
    15. I fell for Hounds for their hands and feet (feel all the stares at her) Kind of werid? XP

      After much consideration (coughmolestationcough of my friend's boy's hands), I planned to get a SA hound. But as I was saving, Husky came out and I got him XD. Might get the original planned hound... If I ever save back the money D':

      OMG Sexy semi nude body
    16. :wiggle Which is one of the reasons why I am so GLAD that Hound is a BJD and not a real person. If he was real I think I would have to fight off other women and men with a gun.
    17. The Dollshe obsession manifested itself for me when after having and then selling a Hound I missed the doll so much that I ended up getting another one. And this one I adore even more than the first. I don't think I'll ever be without Dollshe boys again.
    18. What is funny,is that my hubby,who thinks most male BJD dolls are far too effeminate,agrees that Hound is quite compelling.He just laughs,and shakes his head,at me,when I keep returning to the Dollshe site,just to look at Hound.He asked me offhand, yesterday, when should we be expecting him to arrive.He's also been ,showing me pics he's found of unusual characters,and asks would thesework on your boy. So ,he pretty much knows that Hound is coming to live with us,and has no problem with it, because he sees it makes me happy.
    19. Well the conclusion to this is,after talking to my SO last night,I may not have one BUT two Hounds eventually.We were looking at some costuming links last night,and I offhandly mentioned that I would love to do some in Hound size.I told him ,I would wait until October before ordering,because this way we're not tight for money over the summer.I also mentioned I would love to have one in WS,and another in tanned ,or normal,and have them as brothers.One as Fey touched,and another as an Immortal,likie in the Highlander movies;which would give me a good excuse to create period clothing for them ;). ?This pretty much got my hubby enthused,so that's the plan.Now to find a Hound sized sword,Harp,and bow,lol.
    20. Be warned - once you buy one you get the urge to buy another Dollshe boy. ;) They are completely addictive and should come with a health warning.