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Dollshe Hound - owners opinions?

May 18, 2006

    1. Hound owners is her really 69cm tall? That's sooooooooo tall I mean. Wow. How do you guys deal with haveing a giant for a doll. He's so pretty and then I saw his hight and i was like :ablink:. Seriously for like 5 min. So, how do you shop for him? Does he stand well? It lookd like he has long legs, does he fall over from being to heavy?
    2. I don't own one but a very good friend of mine does and I play with him a lot. Uhh its honestly a bit of a shock when you see one for the first time. I mean, my minis hardly come up to his crotch. :0 But now that I play with him often and I've gotten used to him he isnt so big anymore.

      Hounds stand well but they don't pose well by most accounts, so they are sueded often. Most stores stock hound-sized clothes, since he's in a league of his own but very popular. The weight distribution is the same as with any other dolls. He's heavier but he's a lot bigger, so I guess ratio-wise its the same.
    3. wow. Thanks. I'm still in schock though. And he's not that expensive. I mean I'm getting aa 55cm doll thats $500 and he's only $580 and he's 15cm taller >.< Oi, why does he have to be so pretty? he's like as tall as my friends kid ^^;
    4. [chuckles] I thought similar things the first time I saw one on a web site... :D

      He's really not so much bigger than an SD/13, SD/16, or DOT guy. ^_^ Just a bit taller and lankier... My Seimei isn't even much heavier to carry around than my 60cm CP guys are. I'd say he's actually a little lighter than Nezumitoo's SD/13 guy, Jenova. (Volks SD/13 boys have really solid, really heavy bods-)

      Shopping for him is occasionally a bit of a challenge, but it's slowly getting easier to find things sized for the Dollshe boys as more seamstresses get into making clothes that size, and they can wear some SD/13-sized boots since their feet are a bit on the small side for their height. And... If you have one, you can always learn to sew for him yourself.

      Hounds definitely have long legs. :D

      How well they stand depends on how tightly or loosely they're strung, and if they've been wired and/or sueded or not. I had Seimei standing barefooted, on the carpet, without any trouble at all right out of the box... But other people have had no luck until they restrung or wired them. (I had to wire Seimei's arms. His upper body stringing was... and still is... just insanely tight. So tight I can't untie the knots to re-do it. 0_o)

      The only near-universal posing weirdness they seem to be prone to is the "belly pop"... Their lower torso joint does some odd things sometimes... But even that can be fixed with a wire armature.

      Mine has never fallen over from being too heavy... He has a pretty well-balanced center of gravity in spite of his height. 'Not to say he's never fallen over at all, mind. It's just usually because his feet aren't flat on the surface I'm standing him one, or because his ankles are turned oddly, or because he's doing the belly-thing. 8P
    5. Actually the belly thing sounds kinda cute...
      Er... forget I said that >.> <.<
      Anyway thank you for all the info. I'm seriously considering which I'll be weird for me because i normally perfer dolls that are mini sized.
    6. A Hound playing parent or sensei to a batch of minis can be really cute...

      Seimei sensei and the next generation of oni-hunting onmyoji:
    7. Oh my WOW. That is jsut too cute! awwww he looks so nice and happy to be with the kiddies!
    8. awh my hound used to stand BEAUTIFULLY... they have double joints so that they can bend in all directions
    9. What do you mean "double joints"?
    10. Their elbows and knees have a seperate piece in-between the upper and lower parts of the limb instead of just the ball-and-socket arrangement other dolls have.

      That's what allows a Dollshe sculpt to do things like touching its own face. It gives them a greater range of motion than a simple ball-and-socket would.
    11. Woah do you have pics?
    12. My boy touches his face pretty easily because of his double-jointedness.
      Ex [EDIT for better picture] : [​IMG]

      I wish my Lilis Liv could do that.

      Unfortunately, they tend to do the 'bunny-rabbit' thing with their arms. xD Or 'retarded', depending on how cynical you feel. xD;; (My friends teased about that.)
    13. Bunny rabbit?
    14. Here are a couple of really quick snapshots to show you what we're talking about...

      Here's a normal CP Delf boy body joint (My El, Crane's-):
      The elbow is a single-piece ball-and-socket design.

      Here's Seimei's elbow:
      See how the elbow has a whole seperate piece in there?

      The pay-off for that is greater flexibility at the joint.

      To put his hand behind his head, poor Crane has to completely dislocate his elbow. And his can only hold that position because he's wired and I've braced his hand against his ear.

      Seimei, on the other hand, doesn't have to dislocate anything to do it, and his hand is resting naturally. His wiring doesn't even come into play to hold that pose.
    15. Like, uh... they hold their hands up in front of them with bent elbows. The way bunny rabbits do when they sit up on their hind-legs. It can be very annoying, because you'll be posing their arms and then they'll snap back into that position. x.x
    16. If their upper body stringing is too tight, they'll try to pull their arms up to their chest, like a little kid pretending to be a rabbit.

      You can solve that with looser stringing and/or wiring and sueding their arms. ^_^
    17. oh wow that's so awsome. you both have beautiful dolls by the way.
    18. Very informative, Brightfires and Silencieux! Thanks for the info as he's next up on my list!
    19. Thanks! [cuddles her lanky Hound-boy]
      The double joints are a neat variation on BJD design.

      Just for fun... A standing height comparison between a Hound and a CP Delf.

      CP guys are a little short for their scale (They're 60.5cm. Long-legged SD13 and Iplehouse guys, SD16s, and DOT guys are all taller, iirc)
    20. Yeah, I had an El standing up beside Spacemuffin's Hound back in Januray and noticed how he had to look up to see face to face with him. They do seem shorter...I wonder if they were human what height would they actually be?