Dollshe Hound problem... yellowing or greenish??

Jun 10, 2006

    1. i see green but then it may be yellowing?

      this hound has been with me for 3 mths... and becos i was going to let him go out tomorrow i deicded to clean him up....

      then i saw this, i know its not my eyes [no i didn;t try flashing] and recent with the dollkiss greening i am scared... :(



      upper leg

      right side and main body


    2. hands against body








      i tried sanding and nuthing works.... the doll has not been brought under strong sunlight [the only light he;s been under is my room light [which is not directly shone upoon him... he doesn;t even get neough light]... and usually sanding help to take away yellowing but when i tried it was still this colour X.X""

      the area affect is the right side, the clothes he's been wearing is the tensiya's default outfit.... X.X""

      *faints in horror*

    3. Oh dear! o__o Is your Hound a tanned Hound? The color difference between his arm and his body is really significant....
    4. no i think mine is a normal hound i am totally freaked out... *faintx* i have sent a Q&A to tensiya

      Freaky... *fans self*
    5. It looks like the same greening problem the kiss had @[email protected] Try to get a replacement if you can..! (She is selling her tan kiss on here by the way)
    6. I don't think a normal skin Doll can turn green (that easily).
      I was talking to Butterfly some days ago and we think that the tanned Kiss had an iron based solution to create the tan colour, which turns either green or blue-ish in heat [depending on the + and - charge].

      Normally dolls that or normal or white skin will yellow and because yellow in right next to green in the colourspectra it can look green to others cause we all see colours differently right? ^_^
      You might say it's blue, I might say that it's pastel cornflower with a hint of lavender in it XD

    7. well usually if it was yellowing a light sanding would be able to make it look the same but this couldn;t be achieve when i tried to sand it

    8. It definatly looks like someone has been leaving their doll in the sun! It has yellowed. Are you positive that there was no sun on him at all? The pattern of yellowing suggests that the sun was involved. If it was something else, like a fault in the resin, I think it would have been a more overall change, rather then one centred around the arms. He may have been in a place which regularly allows him a dose of sun at a certian time of the day, when you haven't notice. Either way, that will reduce his resale price.
    9. erm nope no sun, my room is exlcosed and the only window is curtined has faces another small external working area...... :( :(
    10. Do you keep him near a sorce of heat? Some people think that heat (like very hot, next to a radiator or something) may contribute to a yellowing effect. I really do think this i a matter completely seperate from the green kiss...whats the resin like in the yellow parts? Tan resin is made of a different chemical make up then normal resin. It wouldn't have the same scary effect that TheSaint experianced. I'm sorry to say, that it really does look like an extreme case of should find out what the sorce is and if it has effected your other dolls.
    11. Wow...I'm really really sorry Kagari. I feel like I'm bringing people bad luck (no pun intended either) but it -looks- like at least a similar thing. You've only had him a couple months? Hmm, if you haven't had him out in the sun then it must be the lights near him, you have a fire place or perhaps a heater nearby? Something is getting on him and yellowing him...:S
    12. Is it possible he came like that and you only noticed it now? My tan from Dollzone deffinately has parts of him that are lighter than others, IE, along his hairline is deffinately whiter than his hands.
    13. That's very odd, I had my Hound for a year before I sold him, and he hadn't yellowed or changed color at all... definitely check for a heat source or make doubly sure he hadn't been getting any light that maybe you just weren't noticing.
    14. Have you tried using a Mr Clean Magic Sponge on him yet to see if he got stained by clothing or something?

      I'm not sure what happened to your doll, but I wish you luck in figuring it out.
    15. honestly i have seen this yellow green happening to my volks dolls that i got in 1999. really maybe its something we all have to be prepared for in time and will just have to blush these babies and fix them as they age.

      didn't someone post about elderly dolls? well i think this might be how dollfies age,,, and i sure hope not.

      btw, my volks spent a major portion of their life in boxes and certainly in no direct sunlight but still they are yes are turning yellow with the green cast.
    16. carol :S

      well i notice none of the other doll that were beside him had any of these signs... :( as for heat source... nothing at all becos he;s kept in a dark room and in the nights he near the air con.... :(

      well lets see what tensiya says... *sad*
    17. Those are oldskin though, what about your older pureskin dolls?
    18. Oddly enough, he might've come like that and you just didn't notice.

      I say this because my Present Ren, who is white skin, actually has a few different resin colors. O_o His hands, head, and body are three different shades. I didn't even notice until I'd had him almost a year, and even then you can only tell in really bright light or sunlight. Maybe the Tan Kiss thread made you check when you just hadn't before? ^^

      I'm not saying there isn't a problem, please don't misunderstand... just that this might be one reason. ^^
    19. um...yes yellowing is everyone should be prepared but...but if the yellowing happens in 3 months time it is odd...poor boy...would it be the problem of the cleaning agent reacting with the resin (just guessing)?
    20. well maybe i didn;t notcie the problem when i got him x.x" anyhows today i brought him out so he had his fair share of fun :D i am not biased juz curios really... :D i probbly wun sell him... lol who would want to buy him :P:P

      anyhows yeah will wait for tensiya;s responses...