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Dollshe Hound vs. SA Hound

Mar 17, 2006

    1. I'd just like to ask, those anyone own a SA Hound? I'm planning for a Hound for Syd's brother, and he's the type that should have hooded eyes but I'm afraid if the SA Hound eye's are much too closed? I would still like to be able to see his eyes from front view.

      For those who own him, are his eyes only a slit, or are they slightly more opened?
      Does anyone think that Hound has hooded eyes enough already?

      Thank you!
    2. You could always get an SA and mod his eyes a little to open them up slightly if they were too slit like for your character.
    3. SA eyes are like half sleeping, if u dun like it find a mod :D
    4. I think it also depends on the face-up and eye size.
      Kaoru my SA Bermann also has half closed eyes, but because he has 10/11 mm eyes and dark eyeshadow, his eyes seem larger and more open on photos...and I have not modified him in any way. ^_^

      See my photos in the gallery or livejournal to see his eyes.

    5. Sabriell I thought you have opened up Kaoru's eyes a bit =口= They looks wider than other Sa Bermanns...haha...Your magic again haha...

      Pity they dun have Sa Husky sigh...^^"
    6. :wiggle hahah yeah I guess so, but I had the same problem with his to small eyes until I made his faceup darker.

      Ah a SA Husky...that would be lovely!!! :aheartbea
    7. Thank you for the responses everyone ^-^

      gayle > Yeah, I should probably look into modding eyes soon.

      Sabriell > Yes, I agree about the faceup. You seem to utilize contrast for Kaoru, giving him dark eyeshadow and smaller, bright eyes to draw out the size.
      Just as a curiousity, where did you get 10/11mm eyes? Because I often see the smallest size listed is 12 - 14mms :3
    8. They are from Masterpiece, so they are silicone eyes...and the colors are just wonderful!! :aheartbea

    9. Ahhh, no wonder they're so vibrant! ^__^ Thank you!