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Dollshe is Re-launching PURE BODY, old 700mm body

Jul 1, 2010

    1. From http://dollstown.com/

      Pre-order period

      July 1-July 15, 2010

      *The pre-order period may end sooner depending on the workshop's schedule.

      Special offer

      We provide free EMS shipping on the orders we receive during the pre-order period.

      More info


      [​IMG] I love the old body! This is a great idea!
    2. Access to the body is limited it seems? I tried to access the site but it comes up as an error.

      Discussion Thread: Dollshe Pure Body Re-launch]
    3. where we can see pictures of this body?
    4. Tosh, there are not yet any pictures of the body available. If you read the entirety of the release/preorder notice, Mr. Dollshe has stated that he needs to make repairs and adjustments to the original sculpt, and that the dolls will not be produced for at least 2-3 months. So the body is not yet complete.
    5. Hope this is okay to add to the news thread if not please delete it.

      Looks like Dollshe is offering a promotion to anyone that has the old 70 cm body. A 50% discount on the new 70cm pure body! :o

      See above discussion thread to chat! :)