Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. here i would love to start a thread about dollshe's female dolls
      - Ausley Love
      - Amanda Beauty

      and about what clothes fit them,
      what shoes fit the heeled feet, and what shoes fit the flat feet~

      the shoes is the most important part,
      so please Ausley Love and Amanda Beauty owners, share with us what fit your dolls, and from where its purchased please :)~?

      here's the body measurements~

      26F CLASSIC Body Size & Measurements
      Head circumference 7.5 in-8 in
      Neck girth 95mm
      Chest (S) 28 cm
      Chest (M) 29 cm
      Chest (L) 30 cm
      Waist 20 cm
      Hips 29 cm
      Upper leg girth 15 cm (thickest part)
      Lower leg girth 11 cm (thickest part)
      Upper arm girth 8.0 cm (thickest part)
      Lower arm girth 7.2 cm (thickest part)
      Wrist girth 4.5 cm
      Ankle girth 7.0 cm
      Height 63 cm
      Shoulder width 11.5 cm
      Arm length 17.5 cm
      Leg length 33 cm
      Back length 13 cm
      Hand length 6.5 cm
      Foot length 8.2 cm
      Foot width 2.8 cm
      Pubic bone to tip of foot length 39 cm

      NEW 26F CLASSIC Size & Measurements

      Head circumference 7.5 in – 8 in​
      Neck girth 10 cm
      Chest (Petite) 29 cm
      Chest (Full) 31 cm
      Chest (Glamour) 33 cm
      Waist 21 cm
      Hips 34 cm
      Upper leg girth 17.5 cm
      Lower leg girth 11.5 cm
      Upper arm girth 8.0 cm
      Lower arm girth 8.0 cm
      Wrist girth 5.5 cm
      Ankle girth 8.0 cm
      Height 650 cm
      Shoulder width 140 cm
      Arm length 20 cm
      Leg length 35 cm
      Back length 15 cm
      Hand length 6.0 cm
      Foot length 8.5 cm
      Foot width 3.0 cm
      Pubic bone to tip of foot length 42 cm
    2. bump~ still cant find shoes to fit her heel feet.. anyone has a solution??
    3. Shoes: I have had Kim Zentner on Flickr make some shoes for Ausley. She has Ausley feet so the shoes fit great - she is in Canada.

      Iplehouse open toed shoes work:
      Souldoll - a little long
      And some male boots fit well:
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    4. @ jo1961
      those costume shoes r perfect~~~

      and i'm wondering the feet you have are the flat ones~?
      and the iple shoes they're sid size~?
    5. Yes, flat feet. Yes the Iplehouse shoes are SID (but iplehouse says that EID, SID & nYID are all the same size) One pair of the shoes I got from Kim are for the heeled feet.
      I find most Iplehouse SID clothes fit her: (Usually the heads on the Ausley bodies are IH or DS Bernard.)


      The one below is the Ausley body in Honey Peach with IH head and hands in peach gold. (before IH made their peach more pink)

      Alice Collections

      Freedom Teller
    6. Finally my Amanda head is back home and on her Ausley body. I purchased the red gown from Iplehouse and it works well although a tight squeeze at the top. Good that it stretches a bit. ;)
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    7. I've managed to find a few shoes that fit her flat feet - they are a tight fit but I'll do my best to post photos when I can (And I'll look up where I got them!) - I had an EID before and a lot of the clothing fits, the bras are VERY tight but I have my Amanda with that HUGE bust so... ya know. Heh.
      As for pants, and 'bottoms' It seems like EID clothing is going to work just fine - again tight fit but it can be done.

      EID Shoes, I would NOT bet on them working, I don't really have any that fit her - and if they do it's terribly stretched and looks awful (I tried really hard to make them work... ha).

      I plan on finding stuff for Amanda so I'll updated when I can :) Good luck everyone!

      Side note - Dollshe Amanda - New Classic F Body - Oriental Copper are my girls stats ~
    8. sdrcow, the white shoes that she has on with the Soul doll outfits are IH sid shoes. If the fronts of the shoes are adjustable as these are they will fit her nicely. Kim will make you shoes - just costly shipping to Canada now. She has the Dollshe feet. You might check her Flickr page:
      Kim Zentner
    9. Hello. I was wondering if anyone did receive an Erica Snow so far ? I find the sculpt fascinating but I long to see what she looks like with eyes and faceup before I decide wether she will be my next girl or not...
    10. Mascara Sick, I have her on order but do not expect to receive her until June or after as Dollshe seems so very far behind. I was late in ordering so perhaps someone will get her by Feb. or March.
    11. Thank you so much for letting me know ! I look forward to see what she will look like !
    12. Hey all! Just wanted to show off my Amanda ;)
      Her name is Coffee - Enjoy!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    13. sdrcow, your Coffee is very beautiful and sexy.
      Looking at her I even was wonderind whether I would like to have Amanda at my home.
    14. Daww thank you! She's a really fun sculpt, I really enjoy dolls that have different expressions at different angles! :)
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    15. Wow ! She is gorgeous !
    16. Sdrcow, your photos are wonderful as is Coffee.
    17. Thank you guys :)
    18. I got my Erica this week. She's not painted yet, but I can take some blank shots if anyone is interested?
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    19. Yes, please do take some photos and share...
    20. I would love to see her, even blank and bald! :D