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Dollshe Moon/Ru sizes

Nov 5, 2006

    1. I just must be sleepy, but was trying to find sizes, exact sizes on Dollshe Moon and Ru bodies. I've seen that they can wear some Barbie/blythe clothing, but does anyone have the measurements on them, chest, arms, torso, legs, etc?
      Thank you for any help.
    2. Found here - measurements for Ru:


      Bust: 4 1/8"
      Waist 4 1/4"
      Hips at widest part which includes her leg joint 4 3/4"
      Inside leg: 5 7/8"
      Inside arm: a tad over 2 1/2" depends where her arm is positioned. This was with it down at her side.
      She has outspread hands and often things won't go over them. I know fitted Barbie sleeves won't.

      I had this bookmarked for my own reference. :)
    3. Thank you so much. I knew it was here somewhere. This helps me a lot.:)
    4. You're welcome. Glad I could help. :)
    5. Does anyone have a Dollshe Moon? If you have them listed somewhere on here and I havent found them could you please let me know? Im not too familiar with this site yet and am kinda lost most of the time. lol.
      Lellytots :)
    6. Tinybear has one, it's in her avatar. If you look in the Picture Link list at the top of this forum (Tiny Doll forum), you should be able to find her posts about Moon. :)
    7. there are pictures of Moon on my site and here

      she is wonderful :)
    8. I've looked around, but I couldn't find it: what size wig fits Dollshe Moon? Does anyone know?
    9. she is a 6
      or the same as an Unoa /Narea :)
    10. luzzu has a moon, you can see her in this thread's meet:
    11. Does anyone have foot length measurement for Ru and Moon? And actual head measurement? And is Ru's head the same size and Moon's?
    12. Ru and Moon use the same bodies but I don't know about their head circumferences being the same.
    13. I have a moon and I think that this outfit is too short for moon
    14. Aw thanks so much for helping me out ryokominamoto :aheartbea
    15. I asked Tensiya about Ru and this is what they gave me:

      Height : 25cm

      Head : 16.00cm
      Legs : 13.50cm (1~6.5cm /knee / 6.5~13.50cm)
      Waist : 10.00cm
      Bust : 10.00cm (..hahahaha;; same to waist;;;)
      Feet : 4.00~3.5cm
    16. Pris84,you are amazing!! Now I can ask someone to make clothes to me :p

      Bust= :lol
    17. Ru and Moon's feet are wider at the toes. They are adorable. Most shoes won't fit because they are too slender in width. I only found two pair of Mary Janes that fit from JuJu's Dolly Mall. They are for small baby dolls.