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DOLLSHE: New Boys, Saint and Bernard released at eLuts, Tensiya and soon at Iplehouse

Feb 3, 2006

    1. Saint and Bernard are already for sale at www.eLuts.com website already! Both are $577 without face-up. The measurements for these two new boys indicate that the body is the same as Hound's.

      As for Husky, he is a modified Hound type of head, the difference, as was described by Iplehouse and Dollmore is that the cheeks are more hollow, the eyes are sharper and the shapes of their mouth are not the same.

      Apart from that, Tensiya are already preparing for these boys. Anu mentioned that she felt they were made for her. These boys are a completely different mould from Hound, though I am not sure about the bodies.

      Iplehouse said that they will be releasing them this week, so we should all watch out for this!
    2. I wonder if either of the new boys Momo's styling are based on Bermann?

    3. I asked Momo of Tensiya about these guys (*is so annoying, alas*) a few days ago, and she told me she still didn't know when Dollshe would have the new boys ready. So it's up to Dollshe! :D

    4. for you and StephG:

      scroll down below the Soah faceup to see a basic version of Zephyr. he's still a work in progress. can't decide whether to put on eyelashes or not. need to paint a wrinkle above that raised eyebrow. making him a killer outfit right now.
    5. Husky AND Hound IM on LUTS ^_^

      Husky [looks so much better with this face-up!]:

      Hound IM [seen in either white or normal skin....just like Anu told us, that this was the plan to also sell him in normal/white skin WOOHOOO!!!]

      They both look sooooo good!! :love

    6. Tensiya updated their site... they mentioned that they will be releasing, "Husky, IM Hound, SA Ru and..."

      I wonder if the "and" would be BERMANN. :D
    7. Momo told me that they do not have a firm release date of the new boys yet, but they will be releasing Bermann soon. I am guessing this means that it might be after Bermann's release. I just posted another inquiry as to whether we expect to see it within this year.
    8. Bermann's release date/time : 8h00AM (Tokyo time), March 16th, according to Tensiya's email!
    9. Saint and bernard are now up at luts!!! ^^
    10. I noticed that people's posts are getting deleted, and I believe that this is due to the fact that this is a News thread (new forum rules and such, perhaps), so for us to avoid that, we could all discuss about them on this thread. XD ^_^

    11. Bernard, Saint, and Afghana are now actually FOR SALE at eLuts, instead of just listed.
    12. hahaha..; in Tensiya, not yet...as always, our doll will be later. but we are preparing quite various challenges for our new dolls. you will see it.
      maybe next weekend(at least)? I think. dollworks are done.but I need more careful styles for them.
      In addition,it took too much time to paypal crush. (at last nothing resolved...sigh..and now continuaring...) also, We are hurry up for delayed shippments for dolls,also new released spring collections... we are very sorry for all our late works....;
    13. Asked Dollmore, if they would sell the new Dollshe Saint, Bernard and Afghana, too. Because at Dollmore one can order body blushing. Got this news from Jee Mon this morning:

      hi~ customer^_^

      yes. you can purchase them at Dollmore.^^
      and if you want their body blushing, it's possible.^^

      if you'd like to order before listing them on site,
      please let me know via this e-mail.

      Dollmore Jee.
    14. In iplehouse's Hot News this morning:

      "For Saint and Bernard, the make-up is not completed yet. So, we have to wait for a while until we find out the proper makeup."

      It also mentions updating new Spring clothes next week.
    15. Tensiya to release Saint and Bernard 'in a few days or hours'!!!!
      They have a teaser picture of his hand >_<
      I can't wait!