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Dollshe new doll's sale start at 18th Jan!

Jan 16, 2009

    1. Hi, I'm AnJonghak of Dollstown.
      The work of Dollshe New Homepage was delayed now..
      So We decided to receive temporarily the order for Dollshe doll in Dollstown Home.

      This is the Orderboard for Dollshe New Doll------ http://dollstown.com/zboard/zboard.php?id=dollsheorder
      Maybe the order time in Dollstown 18th~30th Jan.

      New doll for sale in Dollstown do not have sufficient quantities in stock, so the doll can be out of stock early.
      We will upload the detail contents of New doll at 18th Jan. for price, more picture..

      Thank you for waiting long!

      The picture of Orijean, Dollshe's new doll(height 74cm)
    2. Do you have painted version of the face? Thanks :)!
    3. Will there be other heads available too? I am looking forward to the return of the Dollshe boys.
    4. Dollshe will be upload the picture with faceup at next week,,
      and SA Orijean head is the sleeping version of Orijean..
      and Dollshe is working other new heads for this new body. it will be available to see in one~two month.
      Some people tell this head scares too, But Dollshe tell me this head will be attractive after faceup!
      Thank you!
    5. Wow really wanna know how much for the each doll?
    6. $750-$850 (tans)

      head only $150
    7. Discussion thread is [thread=269001]HERE[/thread]. :)