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Dollshe Orijean & DSAM 35s body release

Jan 17, 2009

    1. Looks like Dollstown will be starting the sales internationally for Dollshe soon as
      the website production for Dollshe is delayed:

      [thread=268831]Link to News thread[/thread]

      [thread=211174]Link to Dollshe Rerelease thread[/thread]
    2. almost had a heart attack there, when I posted and "locked".

      noting so I can find it again.

      Also just to continue the discussion from pt 1: I'm happy that he is making dolls again. I found his dolls too late to get one directly from him. The secondary market is way too high for my tastes.
    3. also marking to find this thread again....

      i'm thinking maybe... just maybe... if that he only does make one kind of body and the other face plates don't look too bad on it (ie. the heads seem small), i might get one in white and sand down the parts i don't like.... (origin is cool and all, but not my cup of tea)

      though looking back at the pictures, the origin head looks smaller than the others, did any one else see that? or am i just seeing things? because i think a slightly larger head might help some on the proportions of the body...

      [edit] does any one think that the white/pale skin would look good with soom white? (thinking about the jointed hands they have.... )
    4. The more I look at the body the more it grows on me. I think I was just expecting the new dolls to look exactly like the old ones. But I guess I should have assumed they'd be different if it's taken ALLLLLL this time to sculpt a new body. I just hope I can afford one :/ He looks really expensive...
    5. dollshe saint is my dream doll

      i really hated the body at first but its slowly growing on me. and it has to be worth it to have that pretty face.

      anyone have any guess as to how much he will cost?
    6. I think there is a huge difference between displaying art in a Gallery, that might be sold to one eager customer, and to produce a doll for sale. Tbh I think of this as design and business rather than art. So I really don't get the "You cannot expect him to change his ART!" thing. Of course he is free to design and produce whatever he wants, but the BJD market is also big business and lots of competition, so it would seem wise to let potential buyers have some sort of impact. I've seen a few comments like "I really want a particular Dollshe sculpt, so I guess I'll mod the body, keep it dressed, look for an old body..." etc.
    7. I agree 100%.

      And I also think what bunnydots said here is a huge factor to be considered.

      I'm really not getting all of these "OMG how dare you expect Mr Dollshe to change his ART!" replies. :|
    8. it is true that it is far too soon to speculate that this will be the only available body. I honestly didn't think about that. Thanks for the person who suggested it.

      It certainly has made me think again and maybe a little patience is required on all parts.
    9. I really don't see what is the big deal with 'Mr. Dollshe should listen to ME, I am the customer and I should have the power to have MY say on how the doll should look!'
      People are not being forced to buy them.
      They can always look elsewhere if they don't like the new dollshe dolls
      There will always be others that like the new body
      I am looking forwards to see the new dolls with face-ups and other different faces
      I'm also hoping that there will be girls as well! (I like girls more!)
    10. oh yes, i look forward to see all the different molds with faceups and as whole dolls, and to see a girl/girls. very curious for all this new that's to come. :)
    11. I need to see a faceup on this type of body first and fully dressed before I can decide to like it or just let it pass by, who knows that ebony skin tone has me droolin like a mad fool that's for sure;)
    12. What is MSJD? Mr.Dollshe is really an artist I think~

      "they can be arranged into poses that replicate the movements of the human body"
      Oh want to see the details eagerly!

      want to see girls too!XD
    13. I'm definitely getting an Orijean head for this pre-order, just to see how and if it would fit on an old dollshe body.

      My main worry is, will Mr Dollshe only be working with pre-orders, or will the dolls be available at any time once he opens the new website? Is Orijean a limited?
    14. I was excited to see what dollshe would do next considering how I like hound. But I'm rather disappointed with this body. It's not at all natural, I dislike the abs very much. And the head is way too small. Now personally I'm tired of bobble heads, but this is a step too far in my opinion.

      It's sad but this won't get my business.
    15. look at those chocolate buns! ooooeeee! :o

      that's a fab photo with all the diff resin colors.

      looking forward to seeing owner pics and examples of how he poses.
    16. Heh, i keep staring at the body and thinking "yeah... i could work with that," but then i go look at some of the other bodies that are out there and they all look so real and soft in comparison and i come back here and go "aaargh! alien!" again :lol: Tho i think just fixing the middle piece so it looks realistic would go a long long way, thats the piece that really bothers me because it doesnt look human or subtle at all
    17. It's amazing to read his own words about why he chose such an EXTREME look for his new doll!
    18. I seriously love the new concepts and I think it is wonderful for him to create such complicate body. I look forward to his future offering of slightly different body with the same joints and additional heads in a few more month.
    19. Well reading about all of Mr. Dollshe's reasoning behind the new sculpt, I suppose I can't blame him for going to extremes. I'm still iffy about the body, but posing potential and my general love for the Dollshe sculpt make it difficult for me to deny wanting and needing a doll of my own. I'll just deal with the changes.

      I won't be able to afford a $750 doll any time soon, and hopefully by the time I will be able to afford one an alternative, or atleast modified body will have been made. I'll just work on getting Dollstown girls in the interim.*g*
    20. Where can you read why he did this dramatic change in body design at??? I want to know why he did it.....