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Dollshe Re-Launch of old style 70cm Body

Jul 1, 2010

    1. This looks like exciting news! Dollstown has it on their front page that Dollshe is Re-Launching their old style body.

      Re-launching Dollshe Pure Body]
    2. wow! I don't know, I have always admired Dollshe Dolls! This could be my chance to actually own one!
      But there are other dolls I want too >.< decisions decisions!
    3. OMG! I am so happy! I wonder if they will re-release the older heads as well ie: Husky and IM? oh I do hope so cos Lord knows I need more Dollshe boys :shudder:sigh:aeyepop:
    4. Aah, this makes me so happy. *__* <3
      I really hope that Husky gets re-released. He's the one doll I always regretted not getting when I had the chance. ;;
    5. *squees swoons and faints* Really!? :D

      :aheartbea I can't wait to see what happens I would love to see if all the old head will return, like Van, Husky, bernard and the woman (Afgha, Afghan and Afghana), and all the others :aheartbea

      Edit: Bernard is actually up for preorder with the 70CM body!
    6. Oh if I can get Edgar (SA Husky I stupidly sold) back I would be SOOOOOO happy!

    7. WOOHOO!! :love :celebrate :celebrate

      I need bodies!!! And that would so rock if Dollshe would re-release those old heads!! I can't wait! :aheartbea
    8. I am currently dancing non-stop!

      I absolutely love the old body, but what I SO loved the most were the hands. I can't wait for the re-release. If they also re-release the SA Husky head - well, I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do with that $630! I can finally stop berating myself for taking him out of my shopping cart! (And free EMS shipping? Too good to be true!)
    9. I'm ridiculously excited about this development! I rarely like boy dolls and I haven't been too confident about whether I liked the newer DollShe bodies enough to purchase my two 'WANTY' boys, Saint and Bernard...but perhaps now I'll be able to get them to my liking and for a much better price than $1000 on the aftermarket!

      Anyone know if DollShe does layaway? :lol: Sadly it's not close enough to payday yet!
    10. Best. News. Ever!!
      I saw several times fake Bermann heads sold on Y!J (sold by the SAME person, with the same post each time), I was so sad for the fooled people who buy them. With that type of loss to manage, I totally understand Dollshe's decision.

      I only wish they show the upgraded Pure Body BEFORE launching the preorders. I'm not comfortable with the idea to buy a body without knowing how it will looks like.
    11. I am uber excited but the only thing that frightens me a little is the time that Dollshe Craft takes, I don't meant to be a downer but I have had to wait months for a body from them *____*

      I am horribly excited though! I LOVE old Dollshes so very much!

      Pris: I may have to get my own Mr. Chocolate :lol: :chocoheart
    12. My exact thought. It's very awesome - but I'm not sure I'm comfortable ordering a doll that isn't even done being sculpted. That's a bit different from preorders where the doll is complete, and just has to be produced.
    13. You know ... I was thinking you might. ;) I'm still trying to figure out what to do with Mr. Chocolate .... Love him but not sure what I want to do with him. Open to suggestions. :truffle

      Looks like we can order hands and feet too? $40 for the lighter colours and $50 for the tans.

    14. Thank God that I didn't buy one from the market with over 1000 price
      I'll make sure to grab 2 or 3 while I have the chance:whee:
    15. Oh awesome! I am so paranoid that one of my DS boys hands will break O_O in fact one I had bought has a broken finger so now I can get him some new hands, the resin will not match perfectly but heck...

      Pris: Mr. Chocolate can come live with his Auntie Cheryl, she would know what to do with him ;)

    16. Oh Wow......I have a vision of an army of Huskys, SA and OE in every colour.

      But that statement does only appear to be referring to the body moulds at the moment, doesn't it? Its a bit vague.

    17. this is also my thought too.

      someone can tell me what they have of so special those dolls that all people are freaking off? XD i don't understand.
    18. Way my dream of owning a sa husky tan comes back finally after 3 years <33! Hopefully! ^^
    19. Wow! This is fantastic news. I have a "old style" Saint (Jean-Claude) from way back when Dollmore carried them----I want to say he is about 8 years old. He was my second wedding anniversary present from the husband. I've always wanted to get a Bernard to go with him, but never got around to it. Then Dollshe started playing around with the body designs, and I really disliked what he was doing with them.

      I wonder if sales have dropped off a bit, and this is why he is bringing back the old body? Or if people have just been requesting the old body?