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Dollshe resin color difference between batches?

Dec 5, 2007

    1. I'm calling out to any and all people who have bought and dollshe head and body in the same color (white skin, normal skin) at different times. What I'm interested in knowing is how much of a difference there is in color for different batches. I'd like to buy a Hound head at the same time I order my full doll from Tensiya, and buy a body for the Hound head later. I want to get normal skin, so would there be much of a difference?? What is your experience with buying heads and bodies out of different batches?
    2. I haven't noticed a color difference between Dollshes I've seen at meets, but then again, it's hard to even tell the difference between white skin and normal skin!! :o :sweat

      I vaguely remember people mention color differences, but that might have been between Bermanns and others. I've heard it said that Bermann has a different resin color than other dollshes...?

      The ones that might have a very big difference might be the tans. :)

      PS- you goin' for Van? ;3
    3. I had four hound heads, 2 Saint heads and a Bernard head, each bought at different times, all normal, and none were the exact same shade.

      Have a very pink (although it's finally toning down) body that matches one head, another body is more yellowish, and the Bernard's body is very close to pink-white.

      OTOH, I hear some people with several DS dolls saying they don't notice any difference.

      I think there are differences no matter what brands, between dolls made at various times of the year, with weather differences, and depending on whether they have more than one production company actually making the dolls. The differences can be minimal or marked, I guess.
    4. So basically it's luck of the draw? Well, that was kinda what I figured.... thanks very much for your response!!

      Hehe, not yet, but he's on the list. :sweat Saint is first, because he was the first to grab me, and I'm getting a hound head to mod to within an inch of its life, but after that, there's several dolls I want, and Van is one of them. :)
    5. Go for Van he's an angel ^^ This has been useful for me too as I have 2 Saint heads on my wishlist (chances of getting them unlikely) one white skin one normal and they're going to have to do lots of body sharing to be allowed to be bought. Seeing as my Van is normal skin from Luts I wanted to know if there's any difference
    6. There ARE differences between Dollshe normal skin and white skin resin colours. As hobbywhelmed stated above - it can be subtle and it can be extreme. I have two Bermanns, one Haute Hound and assorted Version 2 Dollshe bodies in white. I have a ns Saint head and he looks "pink" on the white bodies - but you really have to look for it. I did own a ns Saint and body and he was definitely creamier yellow in tone. The HH and the Bermanns are a gorgeous creamy white - but they are made of a different resin than the newer DS. A whiteskin match is not going to be a problem - a ns may be, in variations of yellow to pink.