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Dollshe Rosen discussion

Jul 31, 2009

    1. Thank you for discussion thread!

      I think he looks like a hybrid of a Hound and a Bermann. And that's good! Especially if they release SA also. In orientalskin... mmm! yummi!
    2. Not me! Not me! ;) I'm relieved that this Hound-style head doesn't need to come home - right now! But he's a beauty! What a cute little story he has, too!

      Yay for the Hound lovers!
    3. Ghera
      And he's more Bermann than Hound.
      I want one in orientalskin, yes ))
    4. What's interesting is his lips! Especially the philtrum. That's a new look and very very sexy.
    5. yeah he was supposed to be a hybrid between hound bermann and i think even husky? it was posted in the dollshe thread from a few months ago before they came back

      but i agree, way more bermann than anything. and of course, he comes out right after i decide to go to school and not get any more dolls :(
    6. I like him and want to see him with his eyes modded open a tiny bit. He may be my new Ash... Woohoo! (When and if I ever have money again)
    7. Ghera -- You're welcome! :) And that is exactly what my husband said! Bermann x Hound love child! :aheartbea

      Zagzagael -- You're right those lips look awesome! :fangirl: He looks a little more intense? than Hound. Not sure that's the right word? Not as soft?

      I'm so happy Dollshe is releasing more head molds. So many people want some of the older heads so hopefully this wills start to make more people happy. And something bermann-like as well. This is so awesome! :)

      Can I have an IM version of this head please? :nosebleed
    8. Excuse me if this is a silly question, but I don't suppose anyone knows if he's only going to be available in limited pre-orders? Or, heaven forbid, -only- this pre-order? Again, sorry if this is a silly question. *_*
    9. Not a silly question at all! Especially in light of the craziness that was the limited Bermann releases over the years. At this time, Dollshe seems disinclined to limit their work. I think this is a pre-order....and then after that the waittimes might increase.
    10. Ah. *wipes sweat from brow* That's kinda what I hoped. Like so many others I've coveted Bermann's from afar, and this lovely new gentleman will do nicely. :) I just don't want to miss out. Cheers for the info. (Never dealt with Dollshe directly before. :doh)
    11. Me wants one.... he (she??) looks wonderful

      I want SA Version of this head too.....
    12. :love:droolI WANT HIM!! I need to see pics of him all done up before I decide. I see a upgrade definately if he looks like I am hoping he will.........
    13. I think this is already a SA version... his eyelids are really low, it's the angle of the pic that make the eyes look very almond-shaped, but I think if seen from the front, he would look with half-closed eyes. He is gorgeous!
    14. oh my...how handsome O.o and lovely
    15. Wow this is really good...can't wait to see him in full form, face-up and all! :D
    16. I have not been a Dollshe until recent when I fell in love with Kittymaru's and Rolopuppet's dollshes. This guy is just stunning! May need one. OMG so many. ~Gus
    17. Ho boy...yeah...do want.
    18. I am definitely going to have to see him made up to decide what I think about his eyes, but those lips are absolutely fantastic. And the little smile! :)
    19. He is handsome but I was hoping Bernard would be next so will wait for him. At least one less tempting me which is good.