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Dollshe Saint ~ 2009 (new Rhythm body type)

Feb 4, 2009

    1. OMG. I'm in ResinHeaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm truly beyond thrilled. I wonder if we'll have to buy the head or if the faceplates will be interchangeable! Last week the orijean plate "issue" was sorted so that the plates are interchangeable with the head backs and only the SA or OE orijean plate needed to be purchased once a buyer had another orijean head....hmmmm.....


    2. :)Yeah I saw him too, but I still like Orijean the best.....he has the unique style to him......hopefully I can get him this year, but I have to wait and see....may have to sell someone else if I do.
    3. Oh my......
    4. Dang, now I gotta find cash for that one too!
    5. Uhm not sure if this is okay to say, but as soon as I tried to open this site I got an error and a virus was picked up and placed in quarantine by my computer. I tried a second time and the same thing happend. (any other website opens just fine)
      Could this be something from this website? Did anyone else get it?
    6. So, do the Dollshe heads fit smaller, non-Dollshe bodies, by chance?
    7. OMG, I need money ;_;°
    8. It all remains to be seen. He is saying - as quoted above - that it is "unavailable" to fit on the older Dollshe bodies....I can't imagine - with the scope and breadth of our hybriders - that the head is absolutely incapable of being modded....
    9. I hope Bernard is next... I miss him. XD;;;
    10. I wonder if because the Orijean look was a little too alien for most collectors that he's decided to release Saint ahead of schedule. I love the body and the head so this is great news other than I'm wanting to get Soom's Amber.

    11. I think this is an astute observation. Who knows what the final pre-order numbers were on Orijean and what DS had projected....but yeah, kind of a meh release. :...(:...(:...( Saint is just such a gloriously beautiful mould and my own informal research would have me guessing that he's currently the most sought after DS sculpt.
    12. Can anybody verify if there's any difference in the sculpt of the face itself? I'm not that experienced with Saints, but the angle of the photo makes it look like the cheek bones are less prominent. Is this just me? D:
    13. So they ended up selling an extra Orijean face-plate with the purchase of a single Orijean head? I though they said they wouldn't do that. Am I misremembering or did they change their position on that?

      I'm thought that one of the messages from Dollshe implied that the plates would not be interchangeable between sculpts but now I'm not sure.
    14. Mr. Kim stated that the faceplates would not be interchangeable between different head sculpts because of the difference in skull shape and volume (this means each head is sculpted from scratch, rather than from say a "template" skull like a Minimee). He did say that they would be sure to make the OE and SA faceplates for the same headsculpt interchangeable, but the early Orijean heads may not fit as perfectly because that adjustment had not yet been made.

      So if you only want one body but four dolls you can buy:
      One body
      OE Orijean head
      SA Orijean faceplate
      OE Saint head
      SA Saint faceplate
    15. You're not misremebering - they sorted this problem last week and offered refunds to those of us who had bought both heads. The SA faceplates were "fixed" so as to work with the OE "scalp" or head piece.

      That's interesting that the other mould plates won't work - no universal head back. (Honestly, I know myself to well to think I could just buy the Saint/SA Saint plates - I need another complete doll! :doh:...(:aheartbea)
    16. OMG!! Soo much resin love!! A tad confused though--since I have not really gone about ordering a doll like this before.. Am I understanding correctly that you will be able to order the Saint head alone? Also-- how do I go about doing that? Sorry for the stupidity of my questions. *_*
    17. yaay for more dollshe progress :D

      i guess that this is earlier than expected. but it's nice to see that dollshe is releasing more face sculpts earlier than expected :) although i'm after rosen/hound, i'm also quite interested in the saint sculpt as well and plan to purchase one in the future.

      it could be a possibility that this release could also have been affected by the orijean release. Or maybe they're experimenting on the effect of an early release of a popular sculpt, and see the difference in reception of fans/potential buyers from saint and orijean.
    18. I liked Orijean but he reminded me a little of the Dollshe girls like Afghan once the face-up pictures were shown. I definitely prefer the Saint and Bernard head sculpts mainly due to my preference for more reality style faces. Considering it was the first sale of Dollshe dolls for roughly six months, I would still have expected the bodies to fly off the shelves, but the reaction has been fairly muted. I like the innovation of the new body and definitely plan to buy one, but as he isn't limited, I'm going to try and get a Centaur first. He's on my plan to save up and buy this year list though. I love the pictures of the body next to the hands in the how to restring him threads. I think owners pictures are going to sell people on him fairly quickly regardless of the 'insect' look people are complaining about. The new headplate solution only increases my interest in him.
    19. I can't wait to see pics of the Saint head on the body. Orijean has a really long neck-I wonder if it will be the same with the Saint head on the body??

      @petit-angel: I personally haven't run into any problems (but I am also on a mac) anyway hope there isn't a virus :|
    20. This the familiar and wonderful face I remember and want!