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Dollshe Salubia

Apr 1, 2006

    1. Does anyone one here at all have this girl? I've been looking at her photos again lately and my mom.. well, she really likes her, she reminded her of her old porcelaine dolls, and she said she wouldn't mind thinking about finding one later on, but Dollshe seems to have stop manufacturing her.

      So.. does anyone have her at all? And if so, what are your thoughts on her?
    2. I fell in love with Salubia the first time I saw her. Own #3. :D

      Xaion is just great, although her knee joints try to pinch me. :o

      She has a basically flat chest and a pronounced curve to her back.

      Her legs are quite thick & not curvy, but look much better when the doll is naked than when her legs peak out under skirts. I think long pants & long skirts are the way to go with her.

      And, yes, it looks rather as if they've stopped being made. :(

      Ann in CT
    3. My Salubia, now called Mona:

    4. I have her with original faceup, she is very unique, her body is slender like an sd10 yet she has very think legs, and small feet, similiar to ancient paintings of Asia
      She is the one in the top center, sitting
    5. Salubia is indeed in production. They show a closed-eye version, but Tensiya will open the eyes for you on request.

      Also, there was one on the marketplace very recently......go search, she is wonderful!
    6. hello!! I was looking that dollshe is no longer selling and it is not sure that they will sale dolls again, very probably this is very old news to everyone here, but there was a beautiful girl they made called Sarubia, been looking for pics of her in forums with not much luck. I think it must be even worst trying to find her on sale, hope that I'm wrong on that one, but yeah that is my question is she to hard to find on sale?? I mean since dollshe is not selling and Iplehouse and Luts, have no more dollshe to sell either.
      any info will be gratefully recived.
      Thanks :aheartbea
    7. Dollshe is going to be selling again soon, though I can't remember where/when.

      Edit: I didn't recognize the doll's name at all (this was the first time I've heard of her in my 15 months on DoA >.<), so I searched her to get an idea. It seems like she'd be rather difficult to find, especially on the market here. If I remember correctly, Dollshe had already stopped producing her before they stopped production all together for a while. I don't remember ever seeing her on the Dollshe pages in late '07/early '08...

      Edit2: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268831&highlight=dollshe
      Here's the info on Dollshe for recent news.
    8. Dollshe is restarting now, as the others have said.
      However, Sarubia/Salubia is a doll they will most likely not be bringing back.
      There aren't many around, I'm afraid, though if you're patient and on the lookout you will probably be able to find one for sale eventually, if you really have your heart set on her.
    9. i suggest that anyone interested in the new Dollshe doll look at the Dollstown website for information (go to the english order page and see Dollshe at the top) as there is a new body type very unique and not like old dollshe body at all, i don't know that they will be re-making the old body type.
    10. I think the name of that doll is actually Salubia. I just found her by accident the other day, and though there's almost no info about her, I found some pics...






      I just loved her when I saw her and I really wish she would be still on sale :(

      OT: We have a latinoamerican bjds forum, so I invite you to participe ;)

    11. Salubia/Sarubia was not wildly popular, except with certain enthusiasts, so she was not available for sale for all that long.

      She has a beautiful face, and has an unusual sculpt for her body. She looks fine naked, although not like Any standard female bjd sculpt, flat-chested; all her curves are in her back and waist, and fine in trousers, but quite poor in skirts that come partway down her leg.

      I am fairly sure that Mr. Dollshe took his inspiration from antique bisque dolls.

      Ann in CT
      and Xaion, DS Salubia #3
    12. thank you for the pics Stratolily and thank you for the invitation too. and yes Ann in CT I also think she was inspired on antique doll, that is why I like her. :)
    13. I used to own a salubia just before they stopped selling, a very special doll, that i loved very much and latter sold her to lilycat who did a great, modern restyling of her. I love her face, but honestly the body was impossible, pretty, but perfectly useless for anything. Anyway I hope you find her some day, keep looking :D
    14. Although the old Dollshe dolls are rare, I've seen Sarubia (Salubia) and Mai both for sale in the last few years. Someone sold a Sarubia on here I'm pretty sure, and there was a Mai on eBay a couple years back from someone who had no idea about Dollshe and had just bought the doll somewhere because it was cute.

      Regarding the other old dolls, I know one person has an Agasi April. I've yet to see anyone with a Dodosha or a Mong. Dodosha is the one I want, and I'm sure she will never be rereleased, so if I ever see one I will be all over that.
    15. She does remind me of the original BJD that this whole thing was based on... Very pretty.