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Dollshe Tanned Saint and Bernard

Jan 19, 2007

    1. I'm not one utterly drawn to tan dolls, but would also love to see pix of a tan Saint. I hope they give some sort of info regarding their version of tan resin, i.e., could you sand seams, etc.
    2. I'm just curious about what they look like tan. I wonder when pictures will be up. I hope they plan on putting pictures up and it wont just stay in the options section like that.
    3. yes I think with pictures it would be easier to make up your mind as to which doll to get.
    4. It was my understanding they had this for a while, i.e. you could request a tan doll of any type, but they didn't advertise it. I was actually thinking about a Tanned Saint for the last couple months before this announcement went up. I can't afford right now but hopefully by this summer. I already have one regular Saint, but think his sculpt is the most versatile so I'd like a second one that didn't look just like the first one.
    5. I can't wait to see pictures! I had heard/read the same thing about reqquesting tanned dolls. Still, I know in my case I didn't go with a Tan Bernard because I couldn't visualize him tanned.

    6. They already have this information on tan Hound's page. Tensiya was the first company website to clue us Western BJD fans in to how difficult it was to make tan resin, and gave us a list of warnings that we generally adhere to for every tan doll unless otherwise specified.
    7. *squirble* I want to see a tanned Bernard SO BAD!!!
    8. Oh wow...I haved been wanting a Saint for ages...but a Tanned one? This may be true love...:D
    9. Hmm. I had already planned to get a tanned Bernard. Maybe now I'll be able to see what he would actually look like vs. just my imagination ;) I hope Tensiya posts pictures of these boys at some point.
    10. I've heard that the "skin tone" of the basic resin for Saint is different than Hound. I wonder if A)this is actually true and if B) that might mean that the tan would be different too.
    11. I've been thinking about getting a tanned Bernard (after a few other dolls) so it sounds very interesting to me. I hope they will not be limited.
    12. I don't think they will put up pictures... The other optional parts section has no pictures...:vein
    13. So bad, I'd like to see at least one pic :crushed
    14. If they want to sell them I'm sure pictures will be up sooner or later. ;] Until then I'll be dreaming of princes of ancient Persia <3
    15. Don't worry, Shin, when i get mine, i'll be sure to take LOTS of pics for ya!
    16. Ok, so I see two tanned bernards being discussed. Has anybody gone for the tanned Saint yet? I'd like one of those myself, but it's going to have to wait at least 3-6 months.
    17. Woah!! Thank you a bunch!!! Can't wait to see pics of this sure gorgeous boy!!! :aheartbea
    18. Yep, there was a small discussion about it back in July.

      I'm still very eager to see pics. :D
    19. Can't wait to see him! Or anyone elses!!