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Dollshe Van Discussion Thread

Jul 16, 2006

    1. Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape


      I love him, he's so awkward looking. I love that there are more boys coming out now who aren't just eye candy.
    2. Ah, I think your right... x-X well I guess this is an discussion thread for Ban/Van. :sweat
    3. Yes Van and Ban are the same doll. Korean and Japanese people usually pronounce the V as B just like the R and the L ^_^

    4. Ah, no biggy.
      I personally kinda like Van, I saw him first on luts. But I love the faceup they did on Iple House alot more. XD
    5. He does look like he could be a Snape... 8) And I like Snape... :chibi Maybe I'll get him to be my personal Snape!! :D I do like the IH face up better than the Luts one. He looks like he has an attitude of a person that bites your head off if you annoy him... :ablink:
    6. hmm..he reminds me of Nicole Richie...he doesn't appeal to me as well as the others.
    7. Yeah, I agree... Pretty wig, though. (?) XD
    8. aikoe, Ban looks like Lion's elder brother! XD
    9. I don't see any resemblance to Nicole Richie except that they both have big eyes and hollow cheeks.:lol:

      IH Lion? Maybe a little but I think it's mostly the similar company face-up. The jaw shape and cheek hollows are different and the plain of Van's forehead, the way it falls in a straight shot into the bridge of the nose, very different. Reminds me of a classical Greek helmet. I think if you saw the blank heads side by side you'd see less of a resemblance.

      I can see the Snape connection if only because Van actually has a NOSE. :aheartbea Love the nose! I'd totally lick that nose.

      Other than Bermann, he's my favorite Dollshe boy. I can't wait to see the SA version.
    10. aikoe, you're right. He also sort of looks like Husky, IMO.
    11. Aikoe: That's exactly what I thought also! I think it's more Iplehouse's style in the faceup than the actual mold though.
    12. I really like his face...I mean, the eyes can be played with if people think they're too big....the eye-sockets I mean. Illusion with different sized eyes could change that (as that has been the main criticism I've heard floating around about him)...of course, in my opinion ANY doll can be made to be a "knock out" with some customization... :D

      I think why I like his face is...it's as if Mr. Kiyong took his inspiration from ancient greek sculpture. I LOVE his brow and his nose!!! Esp. in 3/4 view....:aheartbea
    13. I don't get the Snape thing at all o_O Snape's...different. Namu has a more prominent nose than this guy ( wants Namu ;_; )

      Anyway, I still like this guy. Not enough to own him, 70cms are so not for me, but there's something about him.....But are his eyes positioned kind of strangely, is it the eyehole shape, or what? ^^; Is it just me?
    14. For everyone who agreed: to me, he looks like a Lion with a huge nose. XD
    15. I agree with Christy, I think in the right hands he could be deadly, also I noticed that dolls look very different when you get them then they do in pics, he just needs some lovin from the right person :)
    16. I think he's cool looking, very strong male features. He's not a "pretty" boy at all, more like a Greek warrior.
      I like his look but I wouldn't get him.
    17. Yah, I'm remembering when the first picture's of SD13 Tony came out and people were saying he looked like El. :?

      I think his eyes are a bit too close together for my taste which is why I'd want to get an SA and mod them open myself.

      How's this for odd, St. James and I have discussed turning him into a girl. A big, mean looking punk-rock girl. Who says all girls have to be delicate and pretty? XD