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Dollshe Wig Size Question:

Jul 7, 2006

    1. i am saving up money to buy a dollshe saint after seeing all the gorgeous dolls on this forum and i wanted to know what size wig would he wear. I was told that the saint head was smaller then the Hounds or bermanns.:?
    2. I'm also saving up to buy a Saint and I was under the impression that they can wear wigs in the 7-8" range (MSD). They would probably be okay in an 8"-9" wig (SD)... but anything larger like a 9"-10" and they'll swim in it :sweat

      However, I'm very new to this too and I could be wrong! I would feel much more confident if someone who already owns a Saint would verify this information for the both of us! :)
    3. I am getting a Dollshe Bernard and was wondering if anyone knew what size eyes and wig he uses?

      Thanks so much,
    4. Eye size 12 or 14mm, wig 8-9.
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    5. 14 mm eyes tend to work well. (I have a spare pair of green glass ones if you're looking :) cheap too)

      The Delf wigs are too big (8,5 - 9.5 as listed on the site) but the DoT ones should fit (8-9 or 7.5-8.5)
    6. I'm just curious... since there's the controversy of LUTS saying their heads are 9.2 inches, and Iple House saying their heads are 8.6 inches. o_0

      I'd prefer not running around buying 20 different wigs. XD

      So~~ will LeekeWorld, LUTS DELF, or LUTS KID DELF wigs fit Bernard, without being too tight or loose?

      and... if all of the above mentioned companies fail, could someone point me in the right direction where I could get properly fitting wigs for a Bernard?

      Thanks a bunch guys~~!! I appreciate it~~ :aheartbea
    7. Well Saint's head is 8 inches so Bernard should be the same size as well. These 2 together with Husky and Van/Ban fit in MSD wigs so that would be Kid delf

    8. I find for Saint at least that he fits most of the DoD DoT sized wigs. Also any 8/9 wigs fit him fine (jpop, cancan etc)
    9. Hello I am a bit confused about the wig size of Monique wigs.

      May I ask what size should I choose for Dollshe :
      (I assume Saint's head is smaller then hound's?)


    10. Hound/Bermann use size 8-9
      Saint/Bernard use size 7/8
      Husky is in between the two sizes, so I use 8/9 with a large rubber band to widen the head.
    11. I've found that a couple (not all) of the Monique 7-8 wigs are a little too small for my Saint. After ending up with a couple of unusable wigs, I generally get him size 8-9 and use a rubber band as necessary. Besides, it means my other dolls can wear them, too.
    12. Ok this maybe soooo n00b but I need help from other people that have Bernards

      Ok so as you can tell I'm planning to get a Dollshe Bernard soon, But I have bin running into a lot of troubles for him

      first wig size, Oh this one is giving me hell over all
      I read on Luts that there wig size is the same one that all SD have 8~9.5 then I go here and read that they have small heads, so what fits best on them?

      Now eyes, I read that there a 14mm, but the eyes I like for my Bernard the smallest is 16mm, How do 16mm fit on these boys?

      Help me?
    13. Hello there.
      I am hitting the same problem as you, I am also trying to get some stuff for my Bernard that I plan to buy next year.
      So far I have been told the head is actually closer to just being 8,2" And that MSD wigs or small SD wigs fit best.
      I think it would be best if your getting a wig from Luts to get a MSD one. You could also ask luts for help. Ask them to let you know which looks better, a MSD or a SD sized wig of theirs.
      There is a thread somewhere about the wigs for Saint, Bernard and Saint almost have the same head size but Bernard is just a tiny bit bigger from what I read.
      I dont know about the 16mm eye thing though. I think the eye well might actually be to small to fit a 16mm eye in it, but I wouldnt hang myself on it.
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    14. I can tell you that the Bernard head is noticeably smaller than my Achernar head, which measures about 8.75 in. at wig band line.

      And, here's a so-so image of Omi-san's SA Bernard next to him, though they do both have wigs on you can still get an idea of comparative size:
      (Sorry about quality, that camera is in sore need of cleaning.)
    15. I've had my Bernard for nearly a year--you do want to invest in getting smaller wigs for him. He fits in my Minifee's leeke wig, but it needs a little stretch, he does fit perfectly in some Lati wigs, he swears by Jpopdolls monique collection, which run small so he does take an 8/9 in them, Cancan runs a little on the small side as well, so an 8/9 in Cancan should work well for him (but I'd really have to try it out and get back to you on that one). Normal Luts wigs swim on him though, DOT wigs are a better fit.

      As for eyes, 16mm will work, but may look a tad big in his eye socket. Jaden wore 16s for most of his dolly life before I decided I wanted him to wear 14s for a more realistic style. But either will do. Anything bigger than a 16mm will probably not fit at all.

      Hope that helps some.
    16. 8 and 8-9 wigs only! Latidoll, Dollmore, and Iplehouse are where I get most of my wigs.

      16mm eyes CAN fit if you are using low domed eyes. But most people like to use 12mm or 14mm. I'm partial to 14mm. 12mm flat back eyes give a very 'adult stare' where as 14mm gives a bit softer gaze. I'd recomend getting cheap acrylics in both size and see which suits your boy best.
    17. Hello,
      I would like to buy a wig from VolksUSA or another US supplier if possible.
      So please, does anyone know what sizes fit Husky? Is it the same as Hound? I don't know his size either but I know there are threads about wigs for Hound.
    18. Dollshe's male have little head.
      I would suggest you to take MSD size because Volks's dolls has biiig heads ^.^
      For info, when I got my Hound I always take MSd size with Leeke, Luts, etc... And it fitted well ^^
    19. I agre, a regular SD size Volks wig will be too big for most of the Dollshe boys. MSD size will be a better fit but it's not guaranteed that it will.
    20. My IM Hound wears a Volks wig, while it isn't really tight, I have never had problems of it falling off. If it is a little too big Velcro always helps.