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Jun 20, 2005

    1. I am wondering what kind of rooms or houses tiny owners are using for their dolls, especially Elfdoll sized (5.5 inch) dolls.

      I am especially interested in anything that is not too large and can easily be moved. My main goal is to have at least one small room for photographing my Elfdoll with furniture.

      I have thought about just making a backdrop of two foamcore walls hinged together and decorating it with wallpaper. Then I could stand that on a full piece of dollhouse flooring for a temporary room setting.

      What are other tiny owners using for houses, rooms, and photo backdrops? Llinks to photos would be great too.


    2. I use one of the Li'l Bratz Transformin' Bedrooms for my Elfdoll Merricat (Adel), and it suits her absolutely perfectly! If I was at home, I'd be able to link to a pic of her in it, but unfortunately I'm at work. The Li'l Bratz rooms are absolutely the perfect scale, though, IMO!

    3. I have seen them - I almost bought one but I was concerned about the walls bending or falling. Are the walls sturdy? I also wondering if the wall objects (window, mirror could be swapped with other things - how are they held on?


    4. I bought a doll house for my Elf Doll, but before I bought it I was thinking about just a room box. It could be decorated any way you like and things could be changed whenever you wanted...they aren't huge, so you could move them around. You could probably even make your own...it would be lots of fun!!

    5. Carolyn, the walls are heavy plastic, so they're quite sturdy--they fit together with locking grooves, and so far mine hasn't come apart once. The wall objects can definitely be swapped out--they're held on with little magnets, and you can buy different sets of furniture and accessories, so they're pretty awesome IMO.

    6. I use my dollhouses and roomboxs. You might try The House from Madam Alexanders Petite Playhouse line of dolls, There was one on Ebay last week, the dolls for them are about 5" high, they have furniture you can get for them too.
    7. Thanks for pointing out the playhouse. It's a possibility that all my previous searching did not find. Names of specific dollhouses are very useful.


    8. I found something to try that's constructed somewhat like the Lil Bratz room. It's the Trading Places Design and Redesign series. I am not sure what their wallls are made of but I think it will be cute. Somewhere said it was 1:12 scale.

      This site has the best pictures (they can be zoomed twice):


      Scroll down to see the different configurations and the various rooms.

      I am hoping the individual rooms will be good for natural light photograpy. For now I bought a kitchen and a teen bedroom, and I plan to also use them with various furniture I own to make other kinds of rooms.

    9. If it's 1/12th scale that fits the elfdolls, then the internet is bursting with beautiful remakes of antique furniture and houses in that size.. Just check ebay, search for "dollhouse furniture", and google will lead you to a lot of great sites, such as http://www.112dollshouses.co.uk/index.php for instance.. :D I've already gotten my catsy a couch, two chairs, a bed and an armoir. Now I just want to see if it's the perfect size or not.. :lol:
    10. Oh yeah. I've been searching Ebay obsessively the last week. So far I've mostly picked up small lots and singles of Fisher Price type dollhouse furniture - an adirondack chair, rocker, table and 2 chairs, and an odd chair with a pink suede slipcover. Also a small lot that includes a fake brass double bed. I bought some bedding that may of may not work on that bed. and I guess I can make other bedding. Trying to resist buying too much until I get a room or house and see what I need.

      The two Trading Spaces rooms I ordered each include furniture, some of which I like.

    11. I think those mini world baby borns are 5" and it looks like they sized the furniture as if it was baby-sized so some of that stuff might work too.

      I am very happy with the couple of Fisher Price dreamhouse table and chairs I got. One is a little tan fake-woodgrain table - the center flips to show woodgrain or fake placemants and plates. The chairs I got with it are blue kitchen chairs with a heart cutout in the backpiece and a tan fake-wicker seat. The rocker is the same tan with pink on the seat and back. But I'm not going to buy too much until I see how it photographs with the doll. After I get my doll I plan to take her to a local miniatures store and see what she fits and looks good in.

      Here are some useful links:

      1. Universal Scale Converter for Dollhouses - lists many commercial doll houses by scale.


      2. My Dream Dollhouse - pictures of many playset doll houses and accessory sets


      3. This Old Toy info on Fisher Price doll houses


      Most recent which is 1:12 (older ones were smaller)

      I really like the detail on this site which in many cases includes photos of every furniture piece and its measurements!

    12. I bought a lot of Mini Baby born things when our local shop sold them off
      they are perfect for my tinys from Gienne to Elf ,
      I have a Mini Baby Born House , with 1/12 scale and Sylvanian Family things ,in as well , and it looks lovely (I will add a picture)
      for my Elfs I made a cool fantsy tree for them to hang out :D
      I love to create scenes with them
    13. Is the Sylvanian stuff smaller scale than 1:12 ? That Universal Scale page says they are something like 1:16.

    14. It is , but it just looks cute so I buy it :D
    15. here is my Mini Baby Born house , with Sylvanian familys , Dawn doll.. Artist made 1/12 scale miniatures and "stuff" caus I love having a place just to put those teeny bits I find or have given me

    16. Wow that is cute! how tall are the dolls?

    17. they are Pocket Fairy which are anout 4 or 4 1/2 inches , and Aga , they are about 5
      Im not sure off the top of my head
      but you can see them in comarison to the Elf doll on my SLEEPING ELF site
      the link is below :grin:
    18. :o :D :chibi :cow *_* aaackkk lookit the little ride-on DUCKY!!

      aack! **dies of multiple cuteness attacks**
    19. I use the discontinued American Girls Room Boxes - called AG Minis. You can usually find some of the things on Ebay. But the size works perfect for Charley - my Elf Doll Adel.

      Here are a few pictures...


      :daisy Dena