New Company Dollsian website the opening and sales at the beginning.

Oct 14, 2016

    1. Hello Everyone.

      The new brand of BJD Dollsian. We are ready from 2015 had sales from January 7, 2016.
      We released a pocket-sized dolls, and released Yo-SD (USD) Size in November.

      I would appreciate it if you visit our website.
      I'll answer for everything you guys have any questions.

      Thank you for your interest.
      instagram : @dolls_ian
      Email : [email protected]

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    2. @Dollsian

      Will you be releasing new resin colours? Maybe tan or fantasy colours.
      The dolls are very cute. :chibi

    3. Now sells normal and creamy white color.
      Tan colors will sell next year between March and May.
      Thank you.
    4. Does the title of the thread mean you're going to have items on sale soon?
      I love your dolls, by the way! Great job, really sweet ^-^
      Edit: I can't register on your website because I don't have a referrer and it's a required field...

    5. Thank you.
      It has been sold now.
      You referrer that question I do not know what the meaning is.
      Our site has become to be seen non-members. Sorry, describes ask again.
    6. I mean I can't register on your website because I'm asked to have a Referrer and I don't know what it is
    7. I knew what's going on.
      Let us now South Korea is Saturday October 15th 01:00.
      This matter can be resolved to work after October 17.
      Can I fix and you leave the article again?

      I'm sorry to inconvenience
    8. Sure! It's the weekend, it's only normal :) I'll check again next week then!
    9. are there any pictures of the bodies? my littlefee could use a cute little friend but im not a fan of chubby tinies like the volks and dollzone tinies i tried to keep before? also are they 1/6 or 1/12 scale or somewhere in between?
    10. The size of the doll is detailed as follows.
      hIgt -17CM
      Head Girth - 13.5inch / 5.5inch
      Eest girth - 6.5cm
      Waist girth - 7cm
      Hip girth - 9.3cm
      Arms lengh - 6cm
      Legs length - 7.5cm
      Foot lerght - 1.7cm

      Body picture you requested is notgetda posted on our site at 18:00 pm 7 times in Korea.

      Sorry for the late reply. If ever any lack please answer this question again.
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    11. Giving Thanks and wait for answers. It has been found to modify your request on our website. Even if I'll ever leave the post again. Thank you.