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Doll'sSinging Ebay Jeeryama

Sep 25, 2009

    1. Doll'sSinging Ebay Jeeryama Feedback 2009

      What did you order?
      When did you order?
      How was the communication?
      How easy was it to pay?
      How long did it take to ship?
      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      Did the item look like the sales pictures?
      Were you satisfied with the product?
      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
    2. What did you order? Dollzone Body

      When did you order? July 20 2009

      How was the communication? Pretty well,

      How easy was it to pay? Thourgh Paypal

      How long did it take to ship?
      I had to wait 40 day's cause they said they didn't have NS in stock and had to order it (I guess)

      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion? The quality was nice and love the doll body

      Did the item look like the sales pictures? Yes

      Were you satisfied with the product? The Doll Yes,
      But not the shipping handling. I got problem with it and had to pay a high tax fee price. Because of there misstake with MISSING information in the package.

      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
      They DIDN'T!!
      I said I wasn't satisfied with the shipping handling and that IMPORTANT PACKAGE INFORMATION was Missing. So my own Post OFFICE sended me QUESTION about the Doll package. That I thought it was obious that information about the package would be written on it. But it wasn't. So I got to pay a high post Tax fee. And told them about it that it was the reason for me wanted to give them a Neutral feedback. But then they mailed me back saying that it wasn't there faullt. When it was they who sended me the package with no information at all. Making my post office suspicious about the package. I also mailed them the papers I got cause they wanted to see if I WAS NOT LYING TO THEM. When they saw the paper they suggested giving me 30 dollar for the mess it gave me. IF I GAVE THEM FIRST FULL GOOD FEEDBACK in RETURN.
      I thought it was kinda ok to get something in return for my lost of 106 dollar.
      But I said that I wanted to be sure that I get the money first. And promised to give them my full feedback and they can send my 30 dollar to my paypal. Then the seller suddenly doesn't trust me. And I had to EXPLANE why they have to trust me. When everything was there faullt from the beginning.
      Day's and week's went by and nothing happens. They just continue talking about that it's not there faullt and that they don't trust me. And I didn't know that ebays feedback had a limit of time to give feedback. So in the END they mailed me back saying again that they don't trust me and that they will NOT GIVE ME MY 30 DOLLAR and will not do that if I don't give feedback first. So I grew tired of it explaning and repeating myself and (cause it already had gone 23 day's with no solution) and said that forget about it and thought I give my neutral feedback that I was going to give. But realise that they knew about the Feedback limit and that NOW I COULDN'T give ANY FEEDBACK at all.
      So all the mailing to eachother was just to MAKE THE DAY PASS BY. So the Feedback limit expired.

      So no I'm REALLY DISIPOINTED of the WAY they did to me. And not promising and beliving me and get nothing out of it. I love there stuff, And would like to buy more stuff from them. But have learned that if you WANT SOMETHING or want to solve a problem when money is involved. They Screw you.
    3. We have no interest to debate again and again at here.
      We will show all the details of this event here,everyone will see clearly how the story went on. Evaluation of all they have.
      we just follow the require of buyer, but the buyer wanted us to afford her fault and lost of money,we can not accept.

      We will post ALL mails between us .
    4. Buyer wrote letter to us that required us to look at pp message,

      Yepp, And please don't forget to read my notice on my payment also that I orderd it in Normal skin yellow later on ^^ <3

      - 1lyn8u
      1lyn8u is the EBAY name of SueMe3

      he asked us to write this at EMS paper, it shown in pp:
      When you send the package to me would you be kind to sign gift and change the price to 30 at the package.Also write my adress like this:

      Doing this will not be any post problem to me. Thank you if you do ^^&#8221;

      we follow the buyer&#8217;s request~
      (the friends who is looking at this post, could you please tell us whether in your country, the seller writes &#8221;doll&#8221; on parcel, the custom will ask for the tax directly to the buyer? we have encountered before), buyer needs to afford the duty of tax, but she felt that is our problem, we can not accept.
      the buyer used the neutral feedback to threaten us at her first mail,

      I got a avi on my mail, Saying that my package has No OTHER INFORMATION about your name,email,seller Id and What's inside the package and what price and value it has. It only said it came from JINAN and from CHINA. When I wrote about what you shall post in my paypal payment. Now I can't get my package because of that. Please if I shall buy from you in the future. PLEASE write down INFORMATION that I post to you and the PRODUCT INFORMATION. Cause OUR Post system IS VERY STRICK ABOUT THIS!
      When I get my package (I DON'T KNOW when) just so you know I will write neutral feedback. About shipping and package thing And I hope in the future when I buy from you that misstake like this doesn't occur.
      From lyn
      - 1lyn8u

      we provide a suggestion but she did not accept. We believe that we can not accept the request of the buyer. ebay has a very clear commitment that all customs duties belong to buyers. ebay is also clear that, since the neutral and negative comments which are caused by tax problem, we can ask to withdraw, but we thought the whole process will take about one week or more, it will affect our work. and we really want to comfort the buyer, and made her satisfying as we could~ so we suggested that we can refund $30 to her, of course, we can not accept the neutral feedback in this situation~ but the buyer rejected the proposal finally.
      In the process, we have been patient to find a solution to her problems, but the buyer did not accept. We can only regret to say that we are unable to satisfy everyone. The buyer is also been blocked in our shop, we do not intend to continue the trade with her. We're not interested with the buyer for further debate!

      There are two important point I want to say:
      1. About the &#8220;time limit&#8221; of feedback, we did not encounter this situation before. It is the buyer who said if we can not accept his requests (refund her the money), she will never reply my mail~ and then she &#8220;disappeared&#8221;.

      2. The buyer wanted to escape as the Swedish national obligations. We wanted to contact with Swedish Customs directly , to verify the real tax rate of the issue. However, considering that this might affect other Swedish buyers shopping clearance, we did not take this action.

      dialogues and mails are placed below, please judge it with your own opinion.

      we have announced these sentece at the beginning of each purchase in our store:
      "Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer&#8217;s responsibility.

      Please check with your country&#8217;s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying."
    5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      I got a avi on my mail, Saying that my package has No OTHER INFORMATION about your name,email,seller Id and What's inside the package and what price and value it has. It only said it came from JINAN and from CHINA. When I wrote about what you shall post in my paypal payment. Now I can't get my package because of that. Please if I shall buy from you in the future. PLEASE write down INFORMATION that I post to you and the PRODUCT INFORMATION. Cause OUR Post system IS VERY STRICK ABOUT THIS!
      When I get my package (I DON'T KNOW when) just so you know I will write neutral feedback. About shipping and package thing And I hope in the future when I buy from you that misstake like this doesn't occur.
      From lyn
      - 1lyn8u

      &#8220;Hi,dear~i'm very very sorry for this event,i have sent your mail to Jie,please don't worry,we will find some methods to solve this probelms.if i have any news,i will mail you at the first time.
      sincerely apologize agian for our mistake.

      yours Christina

      - jeeryama

      &#8220;Well I don't know if apology is enough, I can't get my package right now. And are waiting what to do and don't know when I shall get it. And I will get charged for this misstake. Still thank's that you send my mail to this Jie, So future stuff that I will buy from you. Doesn't end the same way,

      - 1lyn8u

      I checked that you said in the paypal payment as below:
      When you send the package to me would you be kind to sign gift and
      change the price to 30 at the package.Also write my adress like this:

      Doing this will not be any post problem to me. Thank you if you do ^^&#8221;

      You paypal message asked us to write a low price, we wrote it as a
      gift,and 35 dollars on the EMS paper, you cha check the photos I send
      to you ,that&#8217;s the photos of EMS paper which we sent to you. there are
      also other Sweden's customers to buy goods from our store, they told
      us that in order to reduce the tax, we need to declare the price of
      purchase under $50 on the EMS paper, and wrote is a gift.

      We have shipped to Sweden 3 parcels in total in August(including
      yours), we all wrote they are gift, and the price wrote in 30-40
      dollars, you can check other parcels, please:

      That two parcels are both safe, the buyers received them. You can
      found the records on EMS website, what we are talking about is true.
      If we were to speculate, we supposed maybe you are not so lucky this
      time, so your parcel was stopped by Customs, because it is said there
      are 10% -20% of the sampling rate in customs.

      I hope you can understand that we have followed your requests to write
      the related contents (please see the photos). &#8220;Customs checked&#8221; is
      really not we can control. although we really want to help you to
      minimize the costs, in accordance with your request has been filled in
      ems paper. i see you feel very sad and disappointed ,so you want to
      give us the neutral feedback, but I suppose it is unfair to us. of
      course, give the sellers feedback is your right, we also respect your
      right and choice, but I sincerely hope you can understand we are not
      &#8220;not doing&#8221; the things you requested.

      Of course, if there was a need for us to cooperate with, we will do
      our best to complete, because we want to make your satisfaction.

      Yours Christina

      Just to let you know I got the package now, And got charged for 106 dollar. And also I see the information on the package that the writing was clear. So it wasn't errased.
      The only thing that they kept my package and charged me for was at the COMMERCIAL INVOINCE (Green paper) it doesn't have any INFORMATION there. You guy's just posted in the SHIPMENT DETAILS (Full description of goods)


      And it was supose to be written that there was a Doll inside.
      No INFORMATION at all of you guy's in the GREEN Paper. And of course at the EMS paper NAME & DESCRIPTION OF CONTENTS BOX. You ALSO JUST WROTE GIFT there. You didn't write it's was a doll inside. That made them suspicious.

      And of course the post I wrote in my payment you should do. Was all wrong to......so misstakes here indeed
      Other wise, The doll body was great and I got what I wanted. It just that I'm upset with the shipping.
      I don't know if you would be kind to help me with the package charged that I got. For all this misstake. But that's is what I can think of would please me now.


      I would like to clarify a few things to you, I am one of the China's
      top sellers, I need to attend four special meetings which was hold by
      ebay each year.(once in 3 months, for China's 400 best sellers),
      ebay's Staff will provide us face to face service. For the tax
      problem, we have asked ebay customer service manager, he told me
      clearly that if we do not charge these tax costs from the buyers and
      process the customs procedures, then the import tax need to be
      afforded by buyers indeed. Therefore, I hope you understand that we
      received the price does not includes tax, because every country has
      its own tax rate, we are very difficult to collect that money also.

      You said we did not write the content was a doll, that because you
      have already asked us to write it as a GIFT in your massage, so we can
      not write it is a doll. If we wrote it was a doll, I'm afraid you can
      not have any lucky chance to avoid the tax, you would be required to
      pay taxes directly. We also know that you want to escape the tax, so
      we can not write it is a doll naturally. We often post parcels to
      Sweden, so we know the basic situation of custom, because our Swedish
      guests will tell us how to do is the best (we started to write "GIFT"
      from the first Swedish customer. in this way, I can only say that you
      are not lucky, being spot-checked by custom). Customs can scanned
      clearly what it is in the parcel, the body of a doll is very easy to
      be identified. They spot-checked your parcel, so the tax came. This
      situation did not occur just in Sweden. Buyers from United Kingdom,
      Brazil, Russia and other countries have encountered before. We are
      very sorry such a thing happened indeed.

      If you insist we need to afford part of the tax, we can afford $30.
      Because we also want to keep 100% good feedback, we have done a lot of
      effort for this in the past 5 years. When we find that you have gave
      us good feedback (all details are five stars), we will pay that $30 to
      your account via paypal, (please specify the account you want us to
      pay). If you are unable to accept this price($30), then we can only
      apologize to you. Of course, we will find and through the EBAY
      customer service manager to solve the neutral feedback you gave us,
      the feedback which occurred for the reason of tax problems, ebay can
      eliminate it. But it will take us time, we do not want hanging a
      neutral feedback affected our business during that period.

      I hope you can understand that we have already made a concession. We
      can help you to reduce a part of loss, and we can also get five star
      feedback. It will do both of us good. I hope you consider our mail and
      reply us.
      Ps. please imagine, when you buy a doll from any doll-factory, if your
      parcel was stopped and collected tax by custom, they will not afford
      any cost.

      yours Christina


      &#8220;First of all I buy doll's from doll-factory. And they are good with writing the information in the package. That this post problem I have doesn't happen. That was the problem here. And like I said I haven't any problem buying doll's from other. They write what I say to them and the information of doll and price and what the doll came from is in there. That was the big problem for me, The post office ASKED ME THIS QUESTION and got charged. Lack of information in the package. That's it.
      Now when I clear that out I accept the 30 dollar.
      But what do you think of me??? I shall FIRST post good feedback and wait for my money?? I already lost 106 dollar and will get a little half of what I lost. I'm Happy of that, After all this mess, No way, give me my 30 dollar in my paypal account, I give you my feedback. I'm not dumb.

      My Paypal account is: XXXXXX


      &#8220;Hi,since we have mailed you the photo of your EMS paper,could you
      please mail us the photo of invoice about the custom tax?thanks~

      yours Christina

      &#8220;Here is the paper about asking me the package infromation and the invoice of custom tax paper and I wrote some small explanation on it what it say.


      &#8220;Hi,i have received your photos,thanks.
      i will send this mail to Jie ASAP,and asked her to make the decision.

      yours Christina

    6. &#8220;Hi, I don&#8217;t know why the custom ask for so much tax, is it because
      when they asked you the price of parcel, you told them a high price?
      at most time,even the custom in UK just ask for $80-90 when buyer
      told them the real price.

      Please trust us, we do not need to lie to you. When we shipped the
      purchase to you, we gave you a good feedback ASAP. Did not wait until
      you receive the parcel, because we trust our customers, could you
      please trust us?

      Yours Christina

      &#8220;Ok, Then you mean it's the post office that make the problem here. They just wanted the information on the package. And I have to tell them
      Cause what it was lack of information on the package like I said. That was the problem. They asked me the question. That you see in the paper I sended to you.

      If it was on the package all the information it have. I shouldn't have to say what's in it and what price it have.
      Can't you get it!! MY PROBLEM IS THE INFORMATION WHAT INSIDE AND THE PRICE was'nt there. Lack of Information!! That I got charged.

      So what's your point of trust.??
      When it comes to LACK OF INFORMATION ON THE PACKAGE?? I'm just afried that future purhase from you, (Cause i like your stuff your selling.)
      I shall have this problem, All the time when I buy DOLLS OR STUFF.
      And I dont't want that.

      And of course you write feedback to someone who purhase a item. And I have the right to wait to my package arrive to know it's whole and I can get it. Which took longer cause of this problem I got.

      Anyway I gave you guy's my paypal adress and said that I accept the 30 dollar. It is still something then nothing. I'm still waiting here. And promised that I shall write feedback when I get it. So just give me my money so we can get over this thing already and I give you the feedback you said I should write.
      Lyn paypal adress:XXXXXXXX

      &#8220;Hi, dear~ I want to clear that refund $30 is just a suggestion, not
      promise. Because if we do not receive a good feedback, we can not sure
      your choice~ what we said in last mail about the refund and the
      feedback is a suggestion, that depend on your choice~&#61514;

      You have not mentioned that you want us to write the parcel as doll,
      even if the EBAY customer service comes to solve this problem, we have
      no wrong in our writing~ EBAY has a certain rule about this. if the
      buyer has requirements ,and the seller according to the requirements,
      the buyers take the responsibility .

      We can only say this time we are not so lucky in custom tax as before,
      but we have no wrong in the tax problem.
      We are sincerely trying to solve this problem, otherwise we will not
      tell you we can afford $30 for this event. If the sellers who don&#8217;t
      want to solve this, they will pay no attention in your letter.

      please reply me,thanks~

      Yours Christina

      &#8220;Well I choiced to get the 30 dollar. For all this mess. Cause I think it's you faullt for the lack of the information. And for the package getting stuck in the post office and get charged why shall I write a feedback that I don't know for sure if I get my money after that.
      And you talking about trust, When you suddenly post somethign like this??
      All I want is my 30 dollar that you suggested and I accepted it.
      It's still something than nothing, It's for the lost of 106 dollar I had to pay. When the product I bought it's already paid. So Just give me the money and problem is solve. Easy is that.

      &#8220;Hi,Jie asked me to mail you she is not at Beijing this weekend,she is
      in a business trip now,and very busy,she will reply your mail at

      &#8220;Ok I WAIT to that mail till monday then (I' can't belive this!)
      I hope I get what I want in the end. And the problem is solve So this can be over soon.

      &#8220;Hi,if she get back,i will tell her your mail at the first time.
      thank you so much for your patience~

      &#8220;Hi, I&#8217;m very sorry for my late~
      We believe this fact is not our mistake, because we wrote the right
      content as you asked for.
      if the buyer asked us to mention an explicit request on the EMS paper,
      we will write it.
      For example, French always need us to write the parcel as &#8220;sample
      doll&#8221;, &#8220;not for sale&#8221;. We follow the buyer&#8217;s request.
      If you asked me to write the &#8220;gift (doll)&#8221;, we will write it as you
      want absolutely.
      Because in some countries, as long as you said it is a doll,the custom
      will directly ask the tax .For example, in Germany.
      So we need to follow the requests of the buyers~

      &#8220;Well in my country it obious that you have to write information what's inside the package.
      And I said what you should write YES!! But it DIDN'T HELP when you guy's screw up with the PACKAGE INFORMATION.
      And of course I trusted you guys that ALL THE INFORMATION was there in the package. They will read it cause it's importent and then send my package to me. But it didn't went that way. I will not get the tax if it wasn't posted what's inside and what price it has. And that was the problem.
      They SENDED me the paper I SHOWED you it was missing.
      I haven't got any problem from other doll seller or company when doll and price information and what I told them to write was on the package.

      And I'm still WAITING here for the money you sugested and that I accepted. If you just give me the 30 dollar. You will get the feedback So we can get this over with. Isn't that what we both want??, I know I am, HOW MANY TIME SHALL I SAY THAT!! I mean this is not getting anywhere.

      Do you gonna GIVE ME the 30 dollar or not!!

      If you can't give that simple little thing, That I say will cover up MY LOST OF 106 DOLLAR. Then this whole conversation was for nothing Cause you DON'T WANT TO GET THIS OVER WITH!! I HAVE SHOWN YOU MY REASON OF MY PROBLEM, AND YOU DON'T WANT TO GET IT!! I should just write neutral feedback from start. Or maybe if this continue with not getting anywhere I just do that!!


      &#8220;Hi, we want to solve this problem both satisfaction, I need to clear
      one thing, what we suggested is please give us good feedback, then we
      will refund the $30 to you. this is a sequence. I&#8217;m afraid the
      feedback need to be finished first, because you said in the first time
      you want to give us the neutral feedback~ we need to make sure we have
      no neutral feedback~


      Yours Christina

      &#8220;I said I WILL give you guy's MY FULL FEEDBACK when I KNOW that I GET MY 30 DOLLAR. So SEND ME MY 30 dollar I do that.
      Why don't you trust me??!! I have give you feedback before. I JUST WANT MY MONEY and WANT TO BE SURE THAT I GET IT!

      &#8220;Hi, there is another important thing.

      as you said, you have never met the tax problem before, we have never
      met such high price tax accident before. We asked the customs
      professionals, Sweden's tax is not so high, generally no more than
      5%.so,we really want to know when the custom asked you the real price
      of the parcel, could I ask how much you told them?

      You said we need to write the parcel as $30,so I suppose you told the
      custom the parcel is $30,but why they asked for so much tax? Even if
      you told them that this package is $ 352, according to customs tax of
      5%, it should be $ 17.6.
      Waiting for your reply~thanks

      Yours Christina

      &#8220;Well I told them the doll prise 352 dollar cause that's what they was asking for in the paper.
      And what?? I should just get 17.6 $ are you sure?,
      Hmmm let me see at the EMS paper info of the package.
      Maybe they went after the CHARGE prise. Cause what I see in the package it say's 730 and they might have gone after that and thought 730 DOLLAR.
      I show you picture of it. That comes with this mail (file name is Dollzone EMS Paper info.)


      &#8220;Hi, that picture of EMS paper is very important~ i will show the
      picture to Jie~and reply you at the first time~thanks!

      yours Christina

    7. &#8220;Hi, I have asked Jie, she told me the price 730 is RMB, and charged by
      China EMS~ your custom has known that~

      as you said, you have made deal with us before, so you can trust we
      are good seller~ we have promised if you give us the good feedback, we
      will refund you the $30 at the first time~

      And before these, we want to make clear another thing. there is no
      official seal on the documents photos you sent to me, no signatures
      neither, generally the custom would have to give a tax stamp or
      signature of the procedure on the paper~ could you please tell me why
      there is no seal and signatures? thanks~

      by the way,Jie has participated in National Day 60th anniversary of
      the plaza performances, so she needs to attend the rehearsal this
      weekend, October 1st is our national day. This is a political task,
      so she could not leave.she will ask your mail when she arrives home~

      thank you so much for your patience~

      Yours Christina


      &#8220;Well that is the ONLY THING I have a feeling that they go after cause it SAYS'S CHARGE 730. And the only english explanation is CHARGE and they don't understand japanise And thought it might be the explanation of the high TAX I had to pay.

      But the whole picture is the MISSING INFORMATION, And I don't know about the custom seal and signatures. All I know is that all I got is the paper of missing information (that I show you guy's before) that I needed to send to them through mail. And this one I sended to you when I got the avi. Maybe our post office here doesn't have that kind of system like that here.

      And about my question of you were going to give me my 30 dollar is the same answer again that you guy's STILL NOT AND DON'T WANT TO SEND IT TO ME.
      Can't you see that this is going nowhere, I am getting tired of this.

      We can end this. If you just give me my 30 dollar!!!

      And I can't trust you!!
      And this is getting no where with that,
      I'm happy and thankfull that you guy's explained and help me with the thing's that I don't know.

      But this has gone way toooo long. And I just want my 30 dollar. AND WANT TO BE SURE THAT I GET IT. You the one that DON'T TRUST ME!!

      Anyway I respect Jie or Jinan for going away and work And might not get and read this mail. But I grew tired of this. With not getting anywhere with the 30 dollar payment. So if I don't get my money and I don't see it in my paypal in a couple of day's and HAVE TO WAIT FOR A ANSWER UNTILL FIRST OCTOBER??!!! Then No way, this is making me exhausted just to have to write all over again that I want my money and not getting it.
      So if I don't see any money, Then forget about the 30 dollar. I just write my neutral feedback that I intended to do at the first place.

      And thanking you guy's for trying to do something but ended with nothing.
      This is my LAST MAIL. I will NOT RESPOND
      unless WRITING BACK to you guy's thanking you for the 30 dollar payment

      &#8220;I'm sorry that I'm unable to answer your email straigth away. I'll try
      to do it as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Christina

      &#8220;Hi, please don&#8217;t worry, we will not make you waiting till OCTOBER~
      I have contacted with Jie successfully, she wanted me to ask you, if
      we refund you $30 first, could you please tell me how you can promise
      to give us the good feedback? because you have said you want to give
      us neutral feedback. What we are worrying about is we refund you but
      you will not give us the good feedback~


      Yours Christina

      &#8220;I said I will and promised to give you guy's my feedback,

      Cause I have bought from you guy's before and have given feedback before cause I LOVE YOUR STUFF!! and also you guy's pmed me alot and tried to solve what was wrong with my problem. But I want to get the 30 dollar cause it's something for my lost of 106 dollar.
      So I WILL GIVE MY FULL FEEDBACK when I get my 30 dollar.
      I will NOT WRITE Neutral FEEDBACK if I see that my 30$ has been sent to my paypal.

      Do you understand and belive me now? I hope you do Cause I will not respond after this mail.

      &#8220;Hi,i have told your meaning to Jie,she told me she will give this
      proboem serious consideration agian,and reply you at the first time~

      yours Christina.

      &#8220;What do you mean FIRST TIME???
      Are you saying I shall WAIT??? WAIT UNTILL 1 OCTOBER??!! For her reply???
      Cause that's what I think what you mean by that.
      I said I am getting tired of this not getting anywhere!!
      I mean if you had my 30 dollar payment you just pay me right away!
      And here we go again not GOING ANYWHERE!!
      I HAVE WAITED TO LONG FOR THIS PAYMENT, It already has gone 23 DAY'S just MAILING eachother with THE SAME THING!! If I don't see her writing back to me soon, What she have to say and I DON'T SEE ANY MONEY in MY PAYPAL YET. And ANOTHER WEEK GOES BY!


      &#8220;Hi,i have sent your mail to Jie,she told me we still keep our suggestion.
      when we receive the good feedback,we will refund the $30 to your
      paypal account at the first time~


      yours Christina

      &#8220;No, Forget it! She doesn't UNDERSTAND at all
      SHE DIDN'T TRUST ME, When I have said my word and reason Why I am not MAKING MY FEEDBACK FIRST!
      SHE HASN'T AT ALL READ MY MAIL and understand my reason for it.
      Ok then, Now I know I will not get my 30 dollar.

      Say to her Thank you for nothing and for not beliving me. And RESPECT MY REASON ABOUT ALL THIS.
      I will remember this when I buy from you. I will learn for my misstake.


      &#8220;Hi,i still belive our suggestion is a good choice for both of us~

      yours Christina

      -----the end----- from that time, we have no reply from the buyer~!
    8. What did you order?
      Dollfamily Star
      HZdoll Wang Ye with two outfits and jointed hands

      When did you order?
      Star was ordered in spring, I don't remember the date; Wang Ye in the beginning of September

      How was the communication?
      The communication was great, and so was customer service - they have replied to my messages on the next day or earlier and changed the shipping address for me when I asked them to.

      How easy was it to pay?
      Easy, with Paypal

      How long did it take to ship?
      Star was shipped next week after I ordered him, which was lightening fast, Wang Ye - approx 1 month, maybe a little longer.

      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      Yes, for all items

      Did the item look like the sales pictures?

      Even better!

      Were you satisfied with the product?
      Greatly, will definutely buy from them again.

      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
      We had a problem with one of the outfits getting lost, but they were very nice and sent me a new one.

      Overall, I'm very satisfied with the customer care and my dolls, which makes me very happy :)
    9. What did you order?
      An HZ outfit that I'd been wanting forever :)

      When did you order?
      August 2009

      How was the communication?
      Fantastic. I asked whether or not I could get the outfit to specifically fit a Soom Super Gem boy. She asked HZ and then replied that that was doable.

      How easy was it to pay?
      Just dandy, paypal thru Ebay

      How long did it take to ship?

      About two to three weeks, I believe.

      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      Absolutely! It's a fantastic outfit that fits my doll exactly. I'm not sure if it was made on the spot based on my order, but it probably was since they couldn't just randomly stock outfits like this for every doll's proportions.

      Did the item look like the sales pictures?
      Better, even. It really was extremely detailed and well made. Even came with the gloves in the pictures, which I hadn't expected.

      Were you satisfied with the product?
      Very much so! I'd love to buy more when I have another birthday coming up.

      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
      Not applicable. Very happy...