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Dollstol minis! (Lucy, Soon Sim, Amie, Maru)

Aug 14, 2008

    1. http://www.dollstol.com/FrontStore/iGoodsList.phtml?iCategoryId=1

      Has anyone bought from them? Do you know what their dolls are like, what the company's like, etc? I want a Lucy, and I have seen on their website that several foreign buyers have bought from them. I was wondering if any DoA members have, and what your experience was, with both the doll and the company.
    2. I have heard of their tiny dolls ..I think Luts sold them ...they may still Im not sure
      there was a thread in the tiny section ...but I dont know anyone who owned one sorry

      pretty girls though
    3. That's right, and I remember Soon Sim was also sold on the Luts website. I just want to hear experiences with the dolls, good or bad. People like the tinies, but these beautiful minis seem pretty obscure.

      So bumpity-ump.
    4. Hi~ I have a Soom Sim from Dollstol. She's very cute, but she's not very very good for pose :(
    5. I was interested in Lucy, she's just gorgeous, but I emailled Dollstol about her and this is what they said:

      Basic (no makeup doll+ eyeball) ; US$ 289

      This is my reply:
      Your website lists Lucy for 260,000 Korean Won, which equals $286 Australian dollars. You are quoting me $289 US dollars which equals 393,732.97 Korean Won (or $431 Australian dollars). Why is there such a big difference in price?

      thanks for your reply,
      and I think so sorry
      $289 US dollars is the price not fluctuated.I would like to keep up if the (exchange) rate of below than this to the U.S. dollar.

      So basically they are trying to get me to pay way more than her listed price just because I am not Korean. Or maybe I am just missing something.....
    6. really? They quoted you US$289? Looking at a currency converter, the price listed is US$195.75... maybe if you asked if you could pay in korean won, converting via paypal, it'd be different?
    7. I have been pursuing the matter. They insist this is the price they've always charged, which was fine when the US dollar was stronger, but now its weakening, they aren't adjusting their price accordingly. I will see how I go and if they still insist I pay $289US I will contact the Korean fair trading commission (already done that homework!).
    8. Anyone purchased from Dollstol lately? I never had any joy with them dropping the price to the listed price. I LOVE Lucy and Amie but just have a problem with paying way more than Korean people pay.
    9. I have a friend who lives in South Korea when she's not at school, so when I have enough money saved, I can probably coordinate a GO where everyone pays as much as Koreans.

      (I'll be aiming to do that sometime in fall, hopefully)
    10. Ooooh, that would be FANTASTIC! I will stay tuned to this thread to see if it happens! Thanks Kchan.
    11. I want to order Amie but i don't understand how i can order with the website, anyone can help me (and i send email but he return to me)
    12. thank you :)
    13. Welcome! ^_^ I hope you can get her, enjoy her, and post lots of pics. Word needs to be spread about these cuties. <3
    14. Any news on a group order, Kchan-teh-great? And k6doll, did you end up getting an Amie? I am still wanting a Lucy, but she looks very similar to the Asleep Eidolon Lemon, so may settle for her instead.
    15. The news is my friend can't do it. =S She wouldn't feel comfortable hosting a GO, sorries you guys.
    16. Ordered my Lucy today, will keep this thread updated on my experience!
    17. Kchan, that's so cool! May I ask how much she cost?
    18. She was $344, but I bought her with make-up and a wig on the side, and shipping cost about $50. (already included in that figure)