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Dollstown 13A2 vs. 13B2 bodies

Sep 5, 2006

    1. I have seen pictures of both of these bodies on the Dollstown site. Does anyone have any feedback on the advantages and/or drawbacks of each? I checked with Search function but I didn't seem to see a thread on this. Thanks very much for any info you can provide.
    2. OK, does anyone have one or the other of these bodies then? What do you like/dislike about the body you have? surely someone must have bought one of the bodies...?
    3. They won't show up under Search, because it only searches for words with four or more letters -- and it's usually written "13-A"/"13-B", but the Search function doesn't count hyphens as a letter. *headdesk*

      (I run into this when searching for Na-Hu or Eun-U, two of my dolls, so I'm quite familiar with the problem)

      I'd suggest searching for the names of some of the Dollstown head molds (Estella, Triste, and so on) -- most of them are on Dollstown bodies, so you can ask the owners what they think of poseability.

      They're supposed to be REALLY poseable, if somewhat floppy -- they're better for posing than for standing, IIRC. They do get into some great positions, though :>

      I think the "2" versions are new, and it's possible that no one has them yet (for a while, all of the bodies were sold out.) There may have been some design improvements over the original bodies, and there is a skintone change (they're now in "pink-white" skin, not sure if whiteskin is still available.)

      Good luck!

      -- Andi <3
    4. thanks! I always try to search first so I don't go repeating the same old stuff, but on top of what you told me, which I didn't know, the board search has been acting really wonky lately and sometimes returns a "no results" even when it's on a doll name that I know is right in the thread titles - so I will look again. I am just trying to figure out which body is better to buy, I kind of like the one without the huge ball joints at the knees but maybe they serve some function...
    5. I have the 13B body and it isn't very poseable at all. Maybe it's just mine, since I've heard from other DT owners that the bodies pose very well.

      One of my major qualms with the body is that the hips/lower abdomen rub against the blushing on the tummy.
    6. My understanding of the whole thing is that the production of the 13B body was changed to the improved 13B2 body during March 2006, and likewise 13A was upgraded to 13A2 during August 2006.

      Anjonghak said that the pros and cons of each body type weigh each other out (as in: legs pose better on one body, torso better on the other and so on) and that it's really a question of taste.

      I got my Estella with the 13B2 body because I felt the A body looks too childlike with its cute round tummy for my liking, but that's just me. (My Mythimna is a grown resin woman^^)
      The only problems for me were the legs which were a little difficult to stabilize (but not impossible!), but I sueded knee and hip joints and that fixed it. Now she poses like a dream... Estella love :love

      By the way, the ankle joints are a little thicker than usual on both body types, so keep that in mind when ordering slim fit boots....^_°
    7. I just got my Dollstown girl today with the 13A2 body. She poses very well, and stands very well too.

      Her hips and chest are wider than my CP girl, and CH Choa also.
    8. :D Oh please please please post pics of the new 13A2 body, I would love to see her!
    9. very soon, I'm starting her faceup tonight. I'll be posting pics once I am done.
    10. thanks, I'd like to see it also.
    11. anything like the dollshe afghan which has the same problem?
    12. Frankly, I wouldn't know since I don't know an Afghan personally.

      Just keep in mind that boots/shoes that reach above the ankle section should be adaptable in width by loosening the lacing f.e. and you'll be alright!^^
      I have Myth in Luts girls' boots now and she pretty much stretches the lacing portion of the boots... but it's ok.:)
    13. Ok, I have taken a couple pictures. three comparison shots next to my CP Soo, and CH Choa.

      Jinelles' body does need something in the joints to really take advantage of her posing ability. So for now there are two pics of her sitting.

      Click Here for the pictures
    14. Thanks for posting the pictures Kotori, I've been curious about this body and seeing it next to two other girls I know well is very helpful! :)
    15. thanks for the pics!! i've been looking for this as well!!!
    16. I was surprised the pics were still up after 2 years. I have a DT girl from ebay. She is a 134 year body of today design, but due to her bad posing problem and face I am owner #3 for her, I am wondering if maybe she is an older 15 year body when it was only 2 parts to torso. I am also wondering if she belonged to a DOA member. She is in need of help and I am doing my best, but also hoping to find her new home as we are not bonding, for me it's more pity then love. Thanks for saving pics. MK
    17. To my knowledge, the 15 girl body was only released in the 3 part torso version. I saw your girl in the Marketplace, and she looks like the slender 13B body to me... (the current 13 girl body is an updated not as skinny version of the 13B... it kind of falls between A + B)
    18. AnJongHak did post some early WIP pics of the 15A girl body on his site that shows it with just two parts in the torso, but the version that is available for sale has three parts. The doll that animemom was selling is definitely a 13B type body, but there has been three versions of it, and I'm not sure which one she has.
    19. the 13B body is like an anorexic if you'll pardon the expression, it's just too skinny and boney. I like the 13A girl body and I will have the money for her this February/March but Dollstown no longer sells it!! So now I'm in the market for one but Dollstown is really hard to find for sale other than their own website.

      So, to me the 13A body is more realistic. I don't like the 13B body but I may end up with one anyway.

      ~DanceCat :hollyberry
    20. Dollstown actually doesn't make both the 13A and 13B bodies anymore. This thread comparing them is over two years old after all. At one point they picked one of them to continue with and they redesigned the body in 2007. The new 13 girl body is a bit meatier and has a larger bust.

      Keep in mind that Dollstown heads are also very large so it makes their bodies seem more small and waif-like than they really are. Once you put smaller heads on their bodies they seem a lot less scrawny.

      If you're not find of the 13 girl body the 15 girl body is only a bit taller but is very meaty and athletic looking in comparison to most other girl dolls. They are also developing a 14 year girl body that will be somewhere in between the two but it won't be completes for a while, maybe a year?