Dollstown 13yr & 15yr Discussion - part three

Sep 9, 2013

    1. Thanks so much to Animemom for letting lovely Amy come to live in Wales :)
      [​IMG]D[​IMG]DT Amy 13 by Yve Hooson, on Flickr
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    2. Oh fabulous! You got her.....huge congratulations!
    3. Thanks Jane, she is so sweet, I can't believe how tiny she looks next to the 18 year body :)
    4. I have seen photos of the two sizes together and the difference is HUGE! LOL!
    5. I know, I guess the female body is meant to be a 6ft something gal.... or a very short 13 year old? ;)
    6. Do you have any specific plans for your new girl? I do love this size doll
    7. No, I'll just let her evolve and see where she takes me :)
    8. That is how I mostly approach new dolls too.....have fun on your journey with her. She already looks fabulous.

      What are your first impression of this newer DT13 body too?
      I have never held one of the newer ones.
    9. Hhhmmmm, difficult to pin down my feelings... I think it's actually the resin I'm not as keen on, which is Dollshe's department rather than DT. It's more "plastic" somehow! I know that obviously Resin is just a form of plastic but something about the lightness and finish makes the body seem more like a plastic doll. Just my own opinion of course.

      I think the elbow joint is better but the knees are as bonkers as always with DT and the upper body is quite featureless compared to the older ones... given the choice I would look for an older 13 body but given that she will always be clothed, and is now sueded and wired to within an inch of her life... I'm happy with it.

      Maybe I have odd choice in bodies though as still my all time favourite body was the DT15 girl, I sold mine and then bought it back... I was so happy to get it back even though it fit hardly any of my clothing at the time and had bloated ankles! Sadly it got sold when I had no work early last year :(

      I have to say I am having a much better experience with the 18 body since I used very strong wire in her legs and even wired her arms. They are such lovely sculpts that I think they are worth the extra work, pretty sure most people on this thread will agree ;)
    10. Oh! That is very interesting to hear........I hadn't realised that Dollshe had changed the way they made the resin. I wonder if they have added something that they hope will stop the yellowing???

      And I am with you in that I loathe the newer elbow and knee construction (I have a newer male DT15 body with them) I just think they look so ugly when bent but it don't stop me liking my doll though, as I make sure they are covered.
      I had better echo your 'just my own opinion of course' though! :kitty2

      And I am so sorry that you had to let your older style DT15 female body go though ((hugs)) everybody who has sold theirs seems to say that *sigh*
    11. I know, and you never see the female 15 body for sale either, well, rarely! Hopefully, one day when I actually have the funds to hand one will come up on the MP, fingers crossed. I'm not looking for anyone else this year though, I have plenty to work on ;) I used to get quite frustrated with my doll collection before, and I think this time I will be sensible and "complete" each of my girls before I look for anyone new. Although "completing" my new Soph B means just painting her head and making a wig! She has no body and won't be getting one for quite some time unless I sell something ;)
    12. Jane and vonbonbon, I've been following your conversation about the new DT13 body with a lot of interest . . . I've always vaguely regretted selling my DT Yeondu years ago, and now that Yeondu is on sale, well -- it's time for me to make a decision! But I've had my doubts about the redesigned body; I really do prefer single joints to ugly, elaborate double joints, but then I don't ask much of my dolls when it comes to posing.

      I'm afraid I'm the exception when it comes to the female 15 body, though -- I had one for a while (with a Daisy head) and never enjoyed handling it, though I also could never quite put into words what I disliked so much. I had the same reaction to the Limhwa body when a Half Elf came my way, too. *putting on thinking cap to try to figure out the common thread*
    13. Have you got the Yeondu yet Cynthia?
      I never had a DT15 body so I can't comment with knowledge but it was altogether too Amazonian in looks for me.
    14. Amazonian! I think that was exactly my problem -- both the 15 and the Half Elf looked as if they ought to be steering Boadicea's chariot, and my dolls just aren't that brave. ;)

      And yes, I did just order the Yeondu. Predictable, me.
    15. Ha haa, Cynthia and Jane, yes, Amazonian is such a good word for the 15 body, it was curvy and muscular as well, very different from the slender slightly androgynous 13 body. There is nothing wrong with the new 13 body at all though, just, given the choice, I wish I could have my older 13 bodies back. Can't wait to see your Yeondu ;)
    16. Does anyone have a Remi on the 13 girl body? Or both of those things individually that they could show me so I could see the sizes together? I love the head, and I think it looks very young, but in the description on the site, he says that it will fit the 17 and 18 girl bodies but doesn't mention the 13. Do you guys think that's an oversight or is it likely that the Remi head is just too big for the short and slight 13 yr girl?

      I'm waiting on a 18 Soi girl, but the sale is seriously tempting and I've been wanting a 13yr body for a couple of my artist heads to share.... and then it's like, why get just the body when you could get the head too lol! :sweat
    17. I think the likelihood is that it's just too big for the 13 body. I've got the 13 body with the IO-Human head and that head is also listed as being suitable for the 18 body but with a warning that it may be a little small. Probably not an oversight in that respect.
      Love that 18 body sculpt, gorgeous, and you've chosen a lovely head too, can't wait to see some pics when she arrives.
    18. Actually, looking at the Remi flickr album, he has a number of pictures of Remi on the 13yr body. It doesn't look terrible but it's really hard to tell completely because all the pictures are wigged, with the head and body turned away from the camera a bit. Still hoping has tried that combination and can say definitively :)
    19. Lirin, Jean Oak has a Remi, not sure what body it's on but she has lots of other DT girls so she can probably try out that combination for you :)
    20. I have a remi that I can put on a 13 yo body for you tomorrow. Do you want to see her with wig and clothing or bare?