Dollstown 13yr & 15yr Discussion - part three

Sep 9, 2013

    1. clothes or not would be fine, whatever's most convenient, but without wig would more telling.... I'm guessing anyway XD I'm trying to better sense of the head to neck/shoulders proportions mainly.

      I do also have a 15yo Girl Estella, and her head is really big -- even though it's supposedly the smaller one lol! So if it's even in that range i'm sure it's fine. Just surprised how unhelpful the DT flickr album photos are.
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    2. thanks so much for the pics :) very informative. Imo it doesn't look an bigger on the 13 than the giant estella does on the 15... uh oh lol XD. What a beautiful dress your girl has, too! These DT bodies seem perfectly suited for 20s/30s fashion.
    3. [​IMG] Lovely Xmas Amy :)
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    4. A stunning photo of Amy, beautifully dressed!
    5. I was poking around the DT site the other day, and apparently Estella was completely resculpted in 2008 using Bandi as the base. I had never known that.

      Anyway, there's an original pre-2005 Estella on ebay right now, item 232233587208. I guess it must truly be a completely different doll, the features look a lot rounder than my own.
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    6. I adore your Amy! The face up is stunning.
    7. Does anyone happen to know the clothing size measurements for the DT13 body. I've had a request from Alice's to supply dimensions for a tailored dress. I was hoping one of you may have already done this for making or ordering clothes. I have supplied some measurements but I'm not too sure of my measurements and I'd like to know if there is a reference area within DoA for finding this kind of information.
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    8. I would like to ask a question: how different is the new resin to the old resin? I am considering buying a Rumpeldolls Abbadon head but she said to get an old body because the resin match is better compared to the new batches of Fresh skin. However, finding an old body will be hard. I figure I can blush the head to match if the colour isn't too far off. So, I'd like to know, or even see, of I could, the difference? Thank you kindly in advance.
    9. Mister M: All Dollstown body measurements are on the website next to the images on the page where you order each body.
    10. Thank you very much. There were a few dimensions the tailors wanted which weren't listed but I bought a tape and measured her. :)
    11. [​IMG]

      Got a shot of my Yujin, Graham, today that I liked.
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    12. Amy on a DT13 an oriental skin.
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    13. Jumping in on this thread with my beautiful Daisy who just arrived today! She'll get her own proper photoshoot one day but for now, here she is...

      I've wanted this girl for so long, and then the actual doll I'd always adored became available...I love it when a plan comes together!
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    14. I recently get t a 15 year old boy body for a hybrid. But the body is to loosely strung. The knees keep bending down, and the legs going all directions. Is this normal for this bodies? I got the body second hand.

      This is the body with the head I got it for. It is a PERFECT resin match and fit, and the body is so beautiful sculpt. The only things is that is so loose like a noodle lol

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    15. It is not usual to have the 15 yo boys not stand well. Mine stand like rocks. It sounds like he needs to be tightened a bit.