Event Dollstown 14th Anniversary EVENT

Mar 27, 2018

    1. [​IMG]

      All heads and Bodies 15% discount sale
      from March 28th to April 25th

      Dollstown site
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    2. Will the 18yr boy body come back to buy? I noticed it is only available to buy in oriental skin right now, but it would be very nice to buy it in fresh skin during the sale.
    3. Isn't it available in pale, fresh and oriental, looks like it on the drop down menu.
    4. You just have to select pre order you should still get the sale price.
    5. @avrilpaeony and @animemom For me there are only options to buy “in stock” for this body, but if I pick fresh skin it shows up as sold out and no way to put in the basket. It doesn’t have a preorder option that I can find.
    6. Oh dear it could mean they are only going to do bodies when they can, as people were getting frustrated with waiting. Hopefully it doesn't mean they will be discontinued. If you can make it work, maybe consider the 17 year boy body. Easier to find clothes and shoes that fit.
    7. @animemom Maybe, but when I look at the other bodies they have the preorder option. As far as I can see only the 18yr boy body is not available to buy on preorder, but I also don't see any notices about why it is not available. I might be able to make a 17yr body work, but I've never seen it in real life, so I am not familiar with it. I just wish if they make the 18yr body available to buy in this sale or to tell me if it plans to come back to sell.
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    8. @Prinsessen I mailed them month ago about that. There is gonna be new version of that body this year. Not sure if they are selling whatever they have left in stock or just the small arrangement of colors :)
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    9. @Maralleh Thank you :D That could explain why it is not in preorder option. I hope the new version comes soon. You don’t know anything about when it is coming?
    10. @Prinsessen Ah unfortunately they only answered 'in few months' >-<