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Dollstown 15year bodies discontinued/10% discount last sale/ New body plans

Feb 11, 2011

    1. This is what Anjonghak wrote today:

      But my decision about the stop of 15yr Girl body's reproducing is unchanged.
      and I have a plan the stop of 15yr Boy body's reproducing in 1~2 years.

      It is one reason that 18 girl body and 15 girl body are much alike in character.
      I have other many reasons.

      We( Torre and I) have a plan to make more bodies now,, 17yr Boy and Girl, 14yr Boy and Girl, etc,,
      I started the work for 17yr Girl body, and Torre is working 14yr Girl body, and He will make 17yr Boy body in future.

      I think 15yr Girl body is very mature and glamour, and 15yr Boy body is muscleman.
      But 18yr Boy is same muscleman, and 18yr Girl body is mature.
      I don't want this.. So I will make other concept body for 15yr Boy and girl body..

      other impoortant reason, Sales of 15yr Girl body have been flat. So it is hard to maintain more the reproducing and sale.

      I have a plan to give the last chance for order 15yr Girl body at the march.

      preorder period is form 1th March to 31th March.
      10% discount sale, and possible layaway(three month).
      the shipping schedule is from May.(I think that Dollshe will be busy till April for the shipping of PURE body)
    2. Order period has startet and is shorter than announced before, only 12 days!
      That´s what the site says:

      I will discontinue the reproducing of 15yrs Girl body soon.
      I will receive the Last order for this body and will do last reproducing.

      Order period : 1th March ~ 12th March
      Discount about 10%~15% Sale
      Shipment Schedule for preorder : from April~May

      link to body: http://dollstown.com/15girl.htm
      link to order board (You have to be registered first)