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dollstown dolls will be ready for order in 10 to 14 days.

Mar 3, 2006

    1. :) www.dollstown.com
      i just checked the eng. order board and found that there'll soon have dolls, heads, and 13B pink white bodies for order soon.
      i now soooo want estella :D
    2. The 13B body is going to be a little different as well. A better hip joint and foot..what ever the foot thing means...hmm Hopefully Anjonghak will post pictures soon of the new changes
    3. Does Seola girl come in normal skin?
    4. Does anyone know how to tell if your order went through? I placed an order according to directions. I am sure it went through as I see my name posted on the order board. If it did go through do you have to wait for an email from Dollstown with instructions to pay or do you just go and pay with paypal?
      Hope someone can help.. I feel like a dummie. Wish there was a BJD for dummies book or something!!
      Thanks a bunch.
    5. If you posted your order on the English order board, you will receive an answer along with your post. You can see that there has been an answer because next to the title of your post there is a number in parenthesis. If you are the only poster, there is a "1." When they answer there will be a "2." Wait for confirmation of your order and shipping before paying. Remember it is the weekend there now, so you might check Sunday evening which would be Monday morning in Korea.

      Frushtick--Seola boy and girl come only in pink white skin.
    6. I wonder if anyone knows when the new "child" (Ganga)sculpts will be released? I think thet are so lovely, like baby Estellas with big eyes and lips.