Dollstown Elf Body Discussion - Part 2

May 21, 2015

    1. I love everyone's pictures. Here's a picture of my Soph A on the DT Elf body.

      Dollstown Elf SophA
      by Sue Toye, on Flickr


      Previous discussion thread: Part 1
      DoA Wiki: Dollstown

      DT Elf Body Measurements:
      height 52cm (head+body)
      sitting height 26
      length of arms 15.5
      length of hand 5
      length of foot 6.4
      width of shoulder 11
      circumference of neck 8
      circumference of bust 19
      circumference of waist 16
      circumference of hips 22.2
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    2. She's so lovely Calphedoll.
    3. Oh she really is gorgeous :D
    4. Very pretty - What a lovely style

    5. Oh well done Mods in shifting the last part of the old thread to a new thread! Thank you very much!!!

      I will post a photo in celebration of the new thread!
      Stephanie, my Dollstown Alina on the elfbody

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    6. Stephanie looks lovely Jane, really like her face-up, my elf body arrived yesterday so only took 4 days from leaving Dollstown. Now just waiting for the head to be finished and I can get her all together.
    7. Thank you everyone.

      Jane your Stephanie is gorgeous.
    8. Thank you both! Steph's face-up is by Zoe from 'Pearls of the Danube' :)
    9. I'm thinking I might want to upgrade my paletan elf girl to the new style body (I like the new joints in the elbows and knees, though I know some others bemoaned the loss of the old joint style). Does anyone know how the Dollshe/Dollstown paletan resin ages? I worry that the SophB head I have will not match a new body, and it's not like I can get an entirely new doll, since the head has been discontinued.
    10. I am sorry I have no idea how the paletan ages Kiyakotari as I only have the one paletan doll............but I would guess it does change colour with age.

      Could you live with an age change mismatch?
      It seems a hefty gamble to take if you want an exact match.
    11. I haven't noticed much change in my pale tan girls. I think it is pretty stable.
    12. What a sweet sassy girl Jane. So pretty.
      Gotta get some new pics of my Elf Seola and Mini Elysia soon.
    13. I bought my paletan Seola in 2009 and she has yellowed a little, it is not too obvious, I can just see changes in colour in the parts of her body that have been exposed to the light as opposed to that which is always covered by clothes. I suppose it also depends on how you store/display your dolls as mine are always out so I can look at them.
    14. She's changed a lot i, the time you've had her, Jane. It's like a process of evolution. I hope she's moved closer to the girl you need her to be.

    15. Thank you Theresa and Teddy and you are right Teddy she has changed so much since I first got her! I loved how I had her styled at the start (really loved it)
      But the problem was she didn't work for some reason with any other doll except Penelope so that is why I have altered what I loved.
      Styled like this she works with Hesta (DT Arin on the Elfbody) as well as all the other DT7 girls.
      It is just taking me a long time to get used to the changes as I still miss the old Stephanie while liking the new one at the same time! :lol:

      Ooooh yes please! :dance

      And Martha and Avril would you say there are less changes in the darker resin than the paler ones? I didn't think to look inside the doll to check on change until Avril mention it *duh me* and I too have found some but not much change.
      Less change than the MSC makes to the difference between head and body colour.........unless you do as I do and spray the body with MSC too to get a more even body match ;)
      So that is good!

      I have found with the paler resin DT dolls I have, almost all have had significant (but not unpleasant) colour changes over the years, I wonder if the darker resin is just a little more stable?
    16. I haven't owned any of the paler resins long enough to see a change but Seola is the one I have had longest and I must admit I had never really noticed until I was changing her clothes one day. It doesn't really bother me as I have no intention of selling her but I know some would look upon it as detracting from the dolls value and making it less attractive.
    17. Having an older, paletan DT 7Y, it's hard to notice any yellowing or change because I have no other to compare it to. I do notice though, that in photos, it's hard to get her not to have an orange undertone.
      My 7Y Seola is my oldest DT in oriental skin, and she has definitely changed over the years, but I would call it more 'mellow' than yellow. She definitely does have a more creamy, buttery color than the others.
    18. Same here!


      But I have sort of got used to the fact that she photographs much lighter than she is in real life now.
      This is Hesta (my Arin on the DT elfbody)

      And all my DT orientalskin dolls have mellowed quite a lot, but I never notice until I get a newer doll home!
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    19. Okay, I think that settles it. A new body for her is going on the list. I can live with a slight mismatch if needed. Thanks for your help everyone!
    20. Great! I am glad you have that plan sorted then! Can we see a photo of her on the old body while you wait for her new one please?

      Thank you :)