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Dollstown Elf Io head by Torre

May 26, 2009

    1. Thought I'd better make a discussion thread for Mr Torre's wonderful new Elf head 'IO'..........:D

      I love this new head.......I love her mouth and her eye shape is beautiful...sort of oriental looking....and those Elf ears...simply wonderful......She will look great on the Dollstown 13 body (I'd love to see AnJonghak make a 13 Elf size body) ;).......as the Elf body is my favorite..;)


      Links http://dollstown.com/zboard/zboard.php?id=make

      News http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=296229

      xen :)
    2. oh of course i think she is darling, such a beauty.... i see some Elysia, and some of the new Susie, i would love to see a larger Elf body.
    3. She's super cute! I kind of wish AnJonghak would make a 13girl elf head too... I love ears, but I am not as drawn to Torre's noses.

      I thought they said they were working on a 14girl body that would be lankier and skinnier - that could potentially be more like the elf body?
    4. I love this new head! Her ears are such a cute shape. :aheartbea

      As far as plans go, they said they aren't going release the new slimmer 14yrs girl body until the end of the year. Of course, I remember waiting for the 15yrs boy body to be completed and it came out almost a year after the projected release time. I haven't seen any workshop/progress pictures for the new body so it's hard to say how much longer it will really take.

      You all are so right, IO would look pretty awesome on a large style elf body. :aheartbea
    5. Oh I love her! Do you think this head is the same size as the other big girls heads?
    6. OoO! Love this head! I love Torre's sculpts, but I hardly buy any "humans". Now she's an elf so I have no excuse!
    7. Hmmm, very intriguing! I too am anxious to see their "14age" body, but I guess I'd better be patient!

      I like Io's long nose, but in general she's a bit too "pretty" for me. It'll be neat to see what she looks like completed though.

    8. About human ears and head size.......

      Just an update from AnJonghak today...........

      .......Hi, Thank you for your interest!
      IO is available to order at the middle of June.
      Torre have not the plan for making human ears yet.. and her head is 9 inch.
      Thank you..............

      The more I look at this face the more I love it......I have plans for a 'new elf' ....;)

      xen :)
    9. Haha xen, I never have plans for new elves, they have plans for me! All elves = good elves, but one from Torre is pretty spectacular.
    10. I love this girl! I can't wait til she comes out! Her face is just so sweet. :)
    11. Oh man! I am such a sucker for oriental-looking eyes, and Torre's in particular! Too bad all my doll plans are on hiatus until after my wedding this fall...or maybe that's good, as I'll be able to snap up the new 14-year body! I am just loving the new faces at Dollstown!
    12. She looks lovely! Can't wait to see what people do with her! :D
    13. Io head is available now!!!
      She's GORGEOUS !
      I've already ordered mine.....:)
    14. She is beautifull !
    15. Did you guys see her Gallery pics are up?


      She looks a bit severe in them, I'm afraid, but with different eyebrow placement I bet she could look elegant and serene, too!

    16. Hey Ravendolls!

      Just looked at her in the Gallery....thanks for the link!.....I placed my order for her.
      I agree, she could look serene with a different face-up!.....Can't wait to get my hands on her....I've got some new Pastels on the way!

      Yay! for separate head sales....lol.....;)

      I'll be putting IO on one of my Old N/S skinny DT bods!.....Wishing for the Elf body in 13

      Pianissimo.....I'll be waiting with you.....I love Torres IO Elf......

      xen :)
    17. hey, i am definitely getting an IO head, i'm wondering, would she look good on the elf body? or would she look too dwarfed? oh how i wish the 13 elf was ready....
    18. 13 elf? Is that what the anticipated 14age body is going to be? I hope it's more like the 7age in 13 size, lol. Are we demanding or what?!

      Congrats to those ordering Io, I look forward to seeing how you guys paint her up!

      And who else is all :-P Because they didn't pose her for pics with her ears showing?!

    19. I love IO very much but wonder if anyone thinks she would pass as a boy with the right faceup? She is pretty feminine but maybe just maybe?:aheartbea