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DollsTown Elf Soph Body...What Does and Doesn't Work?

Sep 11, 2009

    1. Hi, rather than necro-ing the ooooooooooooold Soph thread (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91547) or having my questions get lost in the larger more general DollsTown thread (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=270292) I thought I'd start a new thread for the Soph/Elf body by DollsTown.

      From what I've read she can wear a little of this and a little of that.

      What I'm interested in is having this thread be a sort of record of what does and does not work when you try it on your girl(s).

      Anyone have a list of shoes that fit, for example? Or shoes that DON'T fit, on the flipside.

      Also...which heads have you tried that look good on the Elf body, and which do you think are either too small or too big?

    2. Thanks for the link!!!

      Maybe Miss Ally will see this thread and mention what make/model her adorable shoes in some of those pix are in the Pic Request thread... :aheartbea
    3. i have found you...... :lol: the purple shoes? they are from the Val Zeitler new "Bitten" collection., and fit well... .. the pink rocking horse shoes? are from Leeke.... they don't always have them, but every now and again, they bring them back in stock. they are really sung around the ankle, due to the DT "chubby ankle" syndrome... i just tape them closed.... ;)

      this is the style they currently have for sale.....

    4. So far I was able to get the black t-straps from the Bitten collection on her quite easily.
    5. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=282449

      I gave measurements and the dress for the elfboy (left) and seola7 (right) were a perfect fit


      Perfect fit skirt and adapted cami, new Etsy company so helpful and skin tight fit. http://www.etsy.com/shop_sold.php?user_id=7118159[​IMG]

      Gill Wilson makes amazing clothes for the elfbody. http://www.thedollpage.com/marketplace/store.php?login=gillidolly
      Quality is stunning I would love one of everything. My girls in their underwear but they have amazing dresses and hats. I will post when I get photos taken


      Oh mimiwoo ballet shoes fit snug on elfbody loose on 7 body
    6. oh yes.... i agree, i have those little rompers and i adore them... they never take them off.... LOL

      thanks for the other info and links...:)
    7. Miss Ally et al thanks so much for all the info about clothes/shoes! I definitely plan to add to this thread whenever my body comes and I can commence with playing. Oh, the wait feels like forever and it's only been a week (how pitiful, lol!)

      I thought of another question too since I've seen this body with various heads...

      Which heads have you tried that look good on the Elf body, and which do you think are either too small or too big? (I'll edit the first post to add these Qs too.)
    8. I have my DT Seola 7yr head on the Elf body and it looks nice. I think any of the DT 7yr heads would look good. The elf head is a little big, but it seems that is the way DT designs their dolls, big headed...
    9. i have had the DT Soph, a Msdoll Sujan, and a Shinydoll, and Unidoll Selina, all on the Elf body, and all look great.
    10. I have a BW Volks F-27 (newer Sato-only head) on my newly-arrived freshskin elf body for now and it is a touch too big in scale and slightly different in color, but both not so noticeable that I've removed it yet since her permanent head is still being awaited.

      A lot of MSD clothing (so long as it doesn't have long sleeves) seems to fit. I've got a gorgeous CheeryDoll set on her that I always thought seemed too "formal" on MSD but on the elf it is very sweet and EGL. How fortuitous that I was never able to sell it when I tried, lol!

      Also, my "cork"-bottomed DollHeart MSD shoes do fit, tightly, but they're on there. I have a pair of Volks MSD boots that also fit, but obviously they're shorter on the calves.

      I just adore this body so far! My MSD and I never quite got along but I'm always loving a lot of the clothes/shoes for the 1:4 size, so it's great to find a taller body that some of these things will work with.

      Has anyone tried Luts/FairyLand MiniFee shoes/boots?

      I'm curious too on whether I just lucked into some "large" shoes from Volks and DH or if more of them consistently fit.
    11. I'm curiouser and curiouser (and mad as a hatter) to find out more about what fits the Elf body please!
    12. I am finding it difficult to find shoes and boots. the 9ninestye boots look quite good but are a little big. See 'jeanoak' on Flickr for dresses.
    13. I'm a shoe freak and a new owner of a DT elf body (which I adore!). The Leeke SD shoes are a nice fit, although they fit best with a thick sock. I have found several of the new, really inexpensive Ajumapama boots and calf high sneakers that fit great. I also have a pair of Volks MSD boots that are perfect. If there's interest, I can post some pics of the shoes that work for my girl, and will continue in my quest for fabulous shoes for my new girl!
    14. I would love to see anything that you have found that fits the elf body. Hoping this thread gets revived...