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Dollstown Estella Boy!

Sep 2, 2008

    1. [thread=240658]News thread.[/thread]

      Thanks to candygears for posting these:
      I think he's fabulous. I really like the changes made to the sculpt - the heavier nose, the more defined brows and cheekbones, and the fuller mouth. Bravo! :D Too bad I don't have room for one. :...(
    2. I agree, he's really great looking! His nooooseeee. It's so awesome >.< If only I had the money to buy him a body XD
    3. I like him very much as well...but yes, have absolutely no justification for getting one. :sweat
      At least...not yet.
      If I can figure out a pre-existing character the head would work for, he can go on the wish list. :XD: *starts thinking*
    4. The picture's kinda dark but I think from what I can see he is lovely. I think he would make an equally good girl since they (thankfully) didn't make the head any bigger. I am excited to see more!
    5. There are more photos in the gallery, including some with faceups and hair. I'm doomed. I thought I was obsessed with regular old Estella. This is twice as bad. This head makes a gorgeous girl.
    6. Oh wow, wishlist for sure! I can't wait to see some of these around!
    7. Pretty awesome that you can also get them all in two shades of tan skin also, no? :chocoheart :truffle
    8. I've always loved Estella and I thought it was a very good (and logical!) move for Dollstown to make. :3 Although, I'm very glad he doesn't look that much like Hue, but really like a more masculine Estella. I really love the broader brow.
    9. I think this really attests to the sculptural skill of the artists working for Dollstown. They understand the subtleties of gender-specific anatomy so well, they can take an existing female head and subtly change features to make it more masculine. And people wonder why these dolls are so highly valued; here's a convincing argument!

      I just recently started taking a closer look at this company and I'm very impressed. :abambi:
    10. I'm lost for words.........all I can think of is "thank you AnJonghak"......this is a dream come true.....what a surprise....and those delicious tans....OMG....my brain is buzzing.....Estella boy......or would I make him another Estella girl?...those fuller lips are wonderful.......

    11. I know! I've loved Dollstown for a long time, but this is going to push me over the edge into buying one. :aheartbea
    12. I did a boyish Estelle and with this new head I can see it would have been easier to see a male head over the girl. But I do like the difference as well as fact not trying to be Hue too. Now they need to work on an Elf sized Body for a boy. I so want a teen boy like age 12-13 and could see if they made the elf more boyish how it would so work.