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Dollstown Gallary new pictures!

Jul 11, 2005

    1. Not sure if this is new news, but wanted to share the new pictures I spotted in the dollstown gallery :)

      if you see there, there's 2 new areas for 2 other dolls, only seol_a has pictures now though.

      there she is with faceup and the body posing. The body seems to pose as well as estella and I heard estella's body poses really really well.

      These dolls would be out in august if I'm not wrong, so some teasers would get some of us really hyped up :)

      Hope it's at the right section :oops:
    2. Oh, she's just as cute as can be!!!!
    3. Hmmmm...

      It says on the site that she is a 7-year-old child.

      But wait a minute--she has breasts!

    4. the breasts aren't obvious though... i thought it was natural for a 7-10 year old girl to have a lil lump there

      Ooo... new body shots uploaded too.
      Love the way she poses... so versatile, not as fond of her as I am fond of bandi, but she's lovely to look at nonetheless :)
    5. Seol_a is sooo cute :D :D :D ! Anyone have have an idea of how much she might cost? I know some of the larger ones are 500+... hopefully she'll cost less because she's smaller :? ?
    6. Ooh! Might I assume Triste will be even sadder looking than Yeondu, with that name? I can't wait.

      I'd love to see a Dollstown boy, personally. I think most of thier girls would be adorable as boys, but I really like thier bodies, and I'd love to see what a Dollstown boy's body would look like.
    7. I doubt this is triste since she is mini sized and the gallery says triste is 60cm ^^
      Triste means Sad in portuguese o.o'
    8. But we can say she has a "triste" face. XD
      Poor little girls seem so upset.

      I liked Seola's torso joints better. I hope they will be making 46cm dolls smiling. =)
    9. Eee! I really hope they release the other mini, the smaller one... I am so infatuated with her.
    10. Scrawny little thing, isn't she? I'm not too fond of her face, but I like her body alot... Luts is a good resin match, isn't it?
    11. I really liked seol-a when I saw her unpainted pictures but this make up makes her really sad. I hope they'll post other pictures with another make up as they often do.
      I agree, about the hips ...
      And I hadn't realised the other girls were supposed to be only 13. I thought they were at least 16-17 years old.
    12. There are other new pictures !!! Look at Estella ... This doll really is a beauty, isn't she ?
    13. Oh, I totally agree that she is gorgeous... hope I didn't sound like I was dis-ing her before.

      Yeah, the verstatility is what I love about all their body sculpts. Especially their waists.
    14. nahh I didn't think you were dissing her :)
      Dollstown bodies have to be one of the most posable ones I've seen... it's amazing
    15. thanks Kasita... :wink:

      Do you like the skinny body or the heavier one? I think I prefer the skinnier bod...
    16. I know I'm not the one asked to, but I prefere the skinny one. These bodies really looks fabulous.
      It doesn't help me make up my mind, there are other heads I prefere to Estella but there's no nicer body sculpt. I love Soah's face (by Rainman) but the body really looks bad compared to Dollstown's.
    17. Depends really... i like both XD being naturally greedy of me :lol:
      I prefer the skinny ones if I wanted her to pose alot as the posing on the skinny body is amazing! Or at least that's what I heard
      But I'm more of a meat person and I prefer looking at the one that's slightly thicker... i wish it didn't have such sausage looking fingers though. It seems so unfitting for it and the skinny body has such amazing fingers...

      wendymoira - I've been wanting soah's face too... but the body was what made me not wanna get her... I love dollstown body loads, just haven't seen how other heads would look with it
    18. They look very realistic, I'm affraid another head would look weird. But it depends of the head. Anyway, Dollstown doesn't sell the body only. :(
      Kasita, I love your Cin. :D
      But again, as I'm in love with Dollstown realistic style, I'm affraid more simple faces like little Ai or Pocket Fairy (even if they are so cute) would look weird in a Dollstown family. Advice, everyone ?
      And there are no cute tinies in a realistic style ... So hard to chose ! :cry: