Limited Items Dollstown is Ending 16 Heads

Jun 15, 2018

    1. I just found out yesterday that Dollstown is stopping production of 16 different heads. This we believe is due to the molds are not worth redoing again. So if you wanted to get a spare head, or been dreaming of a Dollstown doll in future, you better get there. It's only what is in stock and once it's gone it's gone.
      Two of the Boy heads, 6 of the big girls, 1 elf head, 5 of the 7 year heads, and two of the five year heads.
      It would take to long to list each head, it's just best you go check now.
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    2. Drat! Thanks for the heads up!

      ...I can't for the life of me work out how to follow their instructions about how to submit a Layaway order, pressing the order button as they tell you to automatically redirects to PayPal so that the site itself doesn't register the order.
    3. I think when I ordered from them I just did the order button then emailed them a copy/paste of my order with the statement of layway needed, then I paypaled them the layaway portion. They're fairly easy to work with, send them money and email them the order with a "layaway request" and you should be able to get your stuff!
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    4. My emails to them keep bouncing back. Any suggestions?
    5. Discontinued heads:

      17yrs boy J
      15yrs boy J
      15yrs boy Daisy

      13-18yrs girls

      Elf girl Jun

      7yrs girls

      5yrs girl Momo
      5yrs girl Ganga
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