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Dollstown Mini discussion part 6

Jul 1, 2016

    1. I like the JuJu's Mary Janes because they have such nice thin soles that they look good with the period/vintage styles my dolls (except January) tend to wear - thicker-soled styles look too modern.

      These red ones look ideal with Winnie's 1920s/1930s style outfits for example:[​IMG]


      -------- Added notes --------

      This is a discussion thread for Dollstown 5yrs and 7yrs dolls.

      Dollstown: DollsTown, original handcrafted Ball Jointed Dolls

      DoA Wiki: Dollstown

      Database: https://denofangels.com/threads/196907

      Dollstown restringing:

      5yrs Girl body's detail size (a unit : cm)
      weight 0.6 kg (head+body)
      height 41.6cm (head+body)
      sitting height 24cm
      length of arms 12.1cm
      length of hand 3.5cm
      length of foot 5.2cm
      width of shoulder 9.3cm
      circumference of neck 7.6cm
      circumference of bust 16.1cm
      circumference of waist 15.7cm
      circumference of hips 19.2cm

      7yrs Girl body's detail size (a unit : cm)
      weight 0.65 kg(head+body)
      height 45cm (head+body)
      sitting height 25.7cm
      length of arms 13.5cm
      length of hand 4cm
      length of foot 5.4cm
      width of shoulder 9.5cm
      circumference of neck 7.6cm
      circumference of bust 17.2cm
      circumference of waist 15.2cm
      circumference of hips 20.8cm

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    2. They are perfect.......as is her cuddly vintage dog.

      Cynthia.........is she ready to be seen yet?!
    3. Here we go -- introducing Miss Sophy!


      Of COURSE it was overcast today, so her dark gray-green eye color doesn't show up well. They're Silvers (I think they are, anyway, from the shape and colors); I bought them onYahoo!Japan, and I need to look up exactly what the seller said. Also, Sophy seems displeased with this simple stripy T-shirt and capris; I think I'd better get out the fancy clothes in a hurry . . .
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    4. Sweet. The hair suits her - good luck finding some clothes she approves of.

    5. Welcome to Miss Sophy *waves* and doesn't that name suit her. I love her face-up and I love her hair style and colour too...............you must be thrilled.
      And I really like that tee-shirt........did you make it?
    6. Awww, thank you, @Teddy! I don't know why I waited so long to add a Dollstown mini to the crew -- I've eyed mini Elysia, Deogi, and Ganga for ages, but I guess the Amy head just had to come along and make up my mind for me.

      The top is from Nine9Style -- they have some darling things, even if the ones I ordered aren't quite dressy enough for little madam here. :lol: I'm working on a lacy cardi for her, so with any luck that will appease her for a while. I just need to find enough time to finish it . . .
    7. I am really looking forward to seeing that lacy cardi you are knitting for her.......and yes! Why did you wait so long to get a DT mini?!
    8. Well, mini really isn't my thing -- I love the heft and balance of 60cm dolls most of all -- so I only have a ha'pennyworth of mini resin to an intolerable deal of SD size. ;) But I'm very glad that I splashed out on Sophy! I like her proportions even more than my Volks MSDs; she's childlike without being quite so blocky.

      The lacy cardi is that petal-yoke one I've been making in EID and SD16 size, so it's nothing new to speak of. But the pattern is working out nicely in laceweight yarn on 2mm needles -- the trouble is that it's a top-down design, and now I'm at the dull part, just plain stocking stitch for the body and sleeves. *yawn*
    9. I thought I was an SD girl until I discovered the DT MSD dolls. Now I seem to play with this size over all my other dolls.....but as I seem them as child size SD dolls I am lucky that all my SD props work for these girls.

      And I like your petal yoke cardigans.....it will be fun to see how it looks in child size. Good luck with the st st part :thumbup
    10. Just catching up after being on the road for 5 weeks. Cynthia; Sophy is really lovely. I am anxious to see your petal yoke cardi for the DT mini girls.

      I was surprised yesterday to see an email from AngelToast. I made myself a promise that I would not bug her and just check the updates on her website. I saw a week ago that she was in progress. I received pictures of Lilianna's finished faceup, which I approved. So, now just waiting for her to be sealed and shipped. I am quite pleased. But now, I am going to be sending Anneliese to her for a faceup. Her faceup is too bland compared to Lilianna's and I want them to have the same faceup artist since they are sisters. So she will be shipped out soon and it will be awhile longer before they are finally together.

      The photos belong to AngelToast. Here is Lilianna!
      [​IMG]Amy by cinti_coleen, on Flickr
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    11. Oh, @coleen, she is spectacular!! I can't wait to see her all put together--and then to see the two sisters with their coordinating Faceups, in due time. :love

    12. Lovely faceup - what a shame it means Anneliese has to be redone!

    13. Thanks for the kind words Cynthia and Jane! While it is taking awhile to get the sisters together, it does give me the opportunity to buy more things for them! While I was working in PA I found a folding wrought iron mini garden bench that will work as a daybed for my girls and could be a bench for SDs. I also bought great stuffed dolls for the girls by Tindle Bears on Etsy. She normally makes them in 10" size but has been making 6" size for BJDs as requested by another collector.
    14. Gosh she is gorgeous Coleen! You really must be thrilled with her! And I am looking forward to seeing the folding garden bench too.
      Lucky girls getting new stuffed dolls too.

      So is Anneliese on her way to the artist yet?
    15. She is NOT on her way to the artist yet. AngelToast's DoA thread and her website were a bit confusing. On DoA it says June is closed but the detail shows taking July orders. Her website says taking July orders. But I got a response today from Andrea saying she is mailing Lilianna tomorrow but she isn't sure when she will be reopening slots. She said she would keep my email and inform me when she opened slots. Sigh... so I'm not sure how long I will have gorgeous Lillianna and poor understated Anneliese.

    16. But Anneliese is gorgeous in her own understated way.

    17. Oh bother! What a disappointment for you.
      Who painted Anneliese for you? I really like her little eager face-up.
    18. Samantha (Anthrogirl) of Sparrow. She did the faceup for one of my RealPukis and I had her do Anneliese. I liked the faceup, as she has such an understated angsty look, suitable for a child. But, the bolder style of AngelToast makes Lilianna look older and she is the younger. There may be a little of my own childhood insecurities at play. My younger sister was chunky but had blonde naturally curly hair. I was skinny with straight brown hair, 2 years older. Mom often dressed us alike, but my sister always had the pretty dress, shoes, etc. as commented by relatives.
    19. Just thinking outside the box....could the girls swap ages? But I know that would be a big leap and change in your storyworld.
      And funny how childhood memories colour our thoughts at times.
    20. I should have Lilianna back in tomorrow's mail, Tuesday at the latest. I may change my mind once I have the 2 sisters together. I still like Anneliese's faceup but need to see them together.