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Dollstown Rhea head by Torre

Mar 23, 2008

    1. [thread=2999282]News thread.[/thread]

      I'm delighted to see another head from Torre that looks similar in style to Elysia! I suppose her popularity may have encouraged him to do something else in the same vein. She has a much softer expression. The set of her eyes seems a little strangely tilted in profile, but it's hard to tell without a body whether she has very large eyes or a small head. Either way, she's pretty adorable and we'll only have to wait until April to see her completed! :)

      Link to Torre's post.

    2. This head is very very beautiful. I love all molds of Dollstown.
    3. T________T; I waaaaaant~

      Lol, ahhh so pretty~
      i cant wait to see more pictures :)
    4. Elysia is my fave Dollstown head, but this one is nice too. I love how Elysia can look sweet and innocent or hostile and bitchy (mine is the latter).
    5. Oh, I love this new head that Torre has made....very much to the likeness of Elysia..that I simply adore.......*adds Rhea to list*........

    6. OH, what a great sister to Elysia! She is a 'must have.'
    7. Oh yay!!! More Dollstown!!!

    8. Now i soooooo have to get Rhea! Me luv that mold! =3
    9. loooooooove....<3<3<3
    10. Of all the faces that are totally females this one is my fav and if I ever get a chance to get a girl on a 13 yr body this will be the head I select. So girlie and so easy to make into a unique girl as well.
    11. Just thought I'd put this message here seen as this thread relates to Mr Torre....He has remade Triste and Susie and it looks like they might be released by the end of December......I don't know how to add links ect.to this page...but it's in the "Making Gallery"...they look wonderful........I adore my Triste and Susie and it will be wonderful to see them available again......:D

      xen :)

      Can someone add the link for me....;)