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Dollstown Tiny?

Dec 29, 2009

    1. Alrighty so this is possibly a PAINFULLY stupid question and feel free to say so if I missed something obvious!

      After a rummage about on the Dollstown site, I found the listings of all the sizes and there was mention of a 3 year old body standing at 31 cm's and to be released in 2007/8...BUT...I can't seem to find any more information anywhere so I have no idea if they ever actually made this or the heads for it or not?!

      Am I being entirely blind or did they just not ever get to them?
    2. Not a stupid question at all, Lulu! I'm definitely curious now that you've brought this to our attention. I'm an avid tiny enthusiast and in my travels I have had yet to hear mention of this size from Dollstown. It sounds like they may have just not gotten to them yet. I also could be wrong and will do what I can to uncover any further information. I couldn't find any mention of them on the site, maybe you could link us? Their site has always been very hard for me to navigate, but that may just be due to my browser settings. Anyway, I'll see what I can find out.
    3. Oh good, not just me then! :D

      This is the page in question: CLICKY

      If you run it through a translator, you can see at the bottom of the list is the smaller sized body:
    4. Haha, definitely not just you:D Thanks for the link! I'm under the impression that they've simply put the project off for now as I've not ever seen this body yet or heard mention of it until now. I didn't see a picture, so I'm hoping I didn't miss something. I'd be so excited though if they'd do it, I'm a huuuge fan of child dolls. It might have been put on the back burner but hopefully soon they'll take up the helm again:D They do have that promising "will" at the end of the sentence! Seems I'm always holding out for these companies to restock, re-release or make good on promised projects. Ah well, that's part of the fun isn't it? Maybe we could bug them about it, light a little fire under them?;)
    5. You could post a question to them, in the past I have always found Dollstown to be responsive to me. You just have to "join up".
    6. ...I can remeber some talk of it ..ages ago ..and I mean Years LOL
      there were a few pictures..the basic sculpts sat in a hand ..if I rmember ...but it was ages ago
      it was a kinda like a tiny Seola .. .(.the planet doll tiny reminded me a lot of it )
      but nothing ever came of it ...can but hope though
    7. I asked them last year about making a tiny, or a younger, smaller, child doll and they replied that they had no plans for any smaller dolls, just a new headsculpt (Momo) for the 5 year body.