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Dollstown triste + seol-a avaliable, news on others too!

Aug 7, 2005

    1. Don't think this has been posted, would have brought up the other thread but she deserves a new thread :)
      "Triste" is up for ordering and so will seol-a and all the other dolls soon :D

      hope to see some triste lovers around :D

      scroll down for news regarding Estella,Bandi, yeondu and susie if you're planning to order them this month.

      And seol-a will be up for ordering at 13 Aug:

      news there and below too :)

      thank you Wendymoira!
    2. Oooh, I can't wait!!! First Estella, then Yeondu, Bandi, and Susie. I think I'm going to have a little family of the sisters :grin: .
    3. Yay!!! I really want an Estella.
    4. There are news about the other dolls. Seol-a oders will start on august 13, but Estella and the other will be later, there is too much rain and the weather is too hot.
      There is only one make-up avalaible for Seol-a ...
    5. @.@ Seol-a is so cute. *wants Seol-a bad* There are going to be 10 on Aug. 13 and 10 more next month. How many want Seol-a?

      I love the picture of her in the white wig. Anyone know where I could find a longish fur wig like that one? (on page 2 of Seol-a gallery)
    6. I want an Estella...I must have an Estella..I need an Estella...I crave an Estella...I desire an Estella...ESTEEEEEEEELLLLLAAAA !!!!!

      Please, please, do not order an Estella doll before I do...if there are none left..I don't know what I might do!
      I have been sitting by my computer for days now, pressing the "refresh" button every five minutes, and will continute to do so, with a already written order...waiting to press "send" as soon as the "ready for ordering" is posted.

      (2 serious Q's though)

      The website info says "makeup without eylashes"...does mean dollstown will not put on eylashes for an extra cost?
      and.. Dollstown says they will not do body blushing anymore. Except for the coats of
      spray, it doesn't seem as hard to do as a faceup? Why have they7 stopped doing it.

      Any comments?
    7. There are changes in bodies ... Bandi's body, wich was my favorite, looks like it is not avalaible anymore and replaced by a C type body. Anjonghak says that it is more like B type (Estella)'s body, but does he mean the joints are alike or the body sculpt ?
      I asked him details and comparison shots.