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Dollstown's 5th birthday Event

Feb 17, 2009

    1. From the Dollstown website: http://dollstown.com/

      Just a heads up ;)
    2. Does this mean we can still order sanding as an extra? or that we can get this sale if we want a doll with sanded seams? ....
    3. I think maybe that means the discount is not including in make-up, sanding and eyes, but just count only doll's price only? But we could still order those with normal price?

      Though I asked DollsTown in board and got reply that we could order head or body alone and get the 10% discount :)
    4. yes, the discount is for the doll only, no extra services will be included in the sale, and i believe shipping is not included, it will be the regular fee.
    5. Anjonghak wrote today:

      Subject regarding the sale price

      15Boy body: $508.5
      15Boy head: $130.5(head with teeth parts:$135)

      15Girl body: $459
      13Girl body: $400.5
      13Girl head: $121.5(head with teeth parts:$126)

      Elf body: $342
      Elf head: $108

      7years body: $292.5
      7years head: $99

      5years body: $252
      5years head: $90

      The sale price is not applied at sanding, makeup, shipping cost.
    6. More Info:

      Subject It is available to order the hand part.
      It is availalbe to order the Hand part.

      the price
      5years hand part : $18
      7years hand part : $18
      Elf hand part : $20
      13years Girl hand part : $22(Tanskin : $27)
      15years Girl hand part : $23(Tanskin : $28)
      15years Boy hand part : $25(Tanskin : $30)
    7. After placing an order how long will it take to get the doll, does anyone have any idea of the wait period?
    8. Almost everything is in light green on the Order page, so would ship within 1-2 weeks. Momo and sleeping Momo heads are Orange, and New Triste is grayed out in Orientalskin.