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Dollti.com --> NEW BOY MOO YAN

May 26, 2006

    1. If only I could read Korean :( the English tab doesn't work :( those dolls are awesome O_O

    2. DollTi sells their gorgeous resin beauties through Ebay - and they have more new releases listed this morning -

    3. Do dollti come with make up or do we have to order it as an extra option. I could not find it on there ebay store.
    4. I had asked Dollti about that last week-

      So yes they come with a faceup! :)
    5. I wish the English tab worked! ;; I'm not too interested in the dolls, but these option hands... I want to know if they're for MSD, if they might fit an Mini Fee, and if they might match Luts resin. @__@

      ...Could anyone here answer these questions? xD
    6. I'm at work, but if my memory serves me right the resin won't match too well. Also, since this is a 56 cm tall boy the size of the hands won't be right for MSD. And thirdly the DollTi extremities are attached with magnets, not S-Hooks, so it would be difficult to attach them to other dolls.
      BTW, I don't think they sell parts seperately anyway.

      Hope this helps!
      Dag :daisy
    7. is there a Korean service I could go through to get Moo Yan? I'm like... super in love with him D:
    8. I think your best bet is to wait for him on ebay, since they offer them pretty regularly there.

      The hands and feet aren't attached by magnets, they're actually little pegs that snap in place... but yes, they wouldn't work on any other dolls. Dollti resin is more orangey than most, but not in an unattractive way, just that they wouldn't match most other resins. I adore my Ahz, she has one of the most beautiful bodies of any doll I've seen, and the most exquisite hands, hands down! (Har har, hee hee.)
    9. Sorry, I was under the impression these pegs were magnetic since they snap in place so nicely, but obviously the only magnets are in his headcap.
      Comparing the color to Luts I'd say Luts is a little bit more pinkish. It's not as bad as I thought, but still noticable.
    10. The Dollti Ahz I saw had magnets in her hands and wrists, feet and ankles. They snapped in, but were held my the magnets.
    11. Well mine definitely doesn't have magnets... one of the pegs fell out and I had to glue it back in. She was one of the first for sale internationally, so maybe they changed it at some point.
    12. Oooohhhh I want a Woo Yan so badly, but I dont know how to go about buying one, since their site isnt translated:( Someone Help!


    13. You actually managed to send DollTi an email!!!!!!!!! :?

      I have been trying for weeks to contact them and my emails come back as failed delivery..........................what address have you got for them??????
    14. Its easy to email them. I wrote them an email asking questions about their dolls too. They didnt reply the first time, then i used Babelfish to translate the email, and they emailed me back in english right away,answering my questions. I thought that was kind of odd, but it got a dialogue started! Anyways, you can only get the dolls through EBay as far as i know. Thats how everyone has been doing it, unless of course a person has the benefit of being able to read the site.......There might not be too many WooYans left at this point..around 10 I suppose?

      Thier email is imp0102@hotmail.com, same as thier paypal
    15. Thanks for that, i already have a Woo Yan but i have been trying to register his serial number for a few weeks...........all emails keep being returned to me though. Possibly my comp. has the hump huh?
    16. Hey Mamehisa,
      No thier E-Mail is definantly out of Whack..... I just tryed them and got mail demons. So I tryed the Hotmail.com address that Davinerurinvega just provided. Hopefully it goes through:blush

    17. oh wow... woo yan... *drool* he looks so angsty and cool! yet another doll to add to my want list. ^^;

      edit: they're not limited are they??

      and do they offer the tan shin-b on ebay also? (saw her on their site)
    18. I think the WooYans are gone now, according to the website it says that they are sold out. They were limited to 25, as is MooYan. I dont know about tan ShinB though