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DollTi Dorothy - seen her?

Jul 28, 2008

    1. I dunno ...I was kinda expecting something a little more ...well I dont know
      I know we arnt supposed to talk about the tin man and lion on DOA (or is the lion ok ??)
      well anyhow ...they were so inovative and creative .. and out there dare to be different type of thing
      and Dorothy is so ...well normal ?
      she is sweet ...love her hands ...but I waSs just want expecting her to look like that

      and she so needs ruby shoes LOL
    2. she's cute, but she's got nuffin' on a puki or a naripon, as far as character goes.
    3. She is absolutely precious. I can't tell what she costs. She looks about the size of a PF, but you can't tell for sure. She has a great range of poses. I agree about the Ruby Slippers, that would be fun.
    4. I didn't even know they were going to make a human type BJD. I love the little tin man and the lion and as you say Carrie, they are really innovative, but Dorothy is more of a baby, but with a toddler body. She reminds me of HDL Teenie and such. They have really cutsie faces and this toddler body shape, but bigger.

      I'm glad you like her bdwvr. There has to be someone who thinks she's the bees knees.
    5. I went onto ebay and found the Lion and the Tin Man for sale (closed) at $180 each. I sent the seller an email and asked about the cost of the basic doll. I think she is very cute and I saw somewhere on the site that she is 9.5 cm tall. I don't know if that is correct, but I saw it while looking at the site.
    6. I really do like her. I guess I have pocket fairy envy and am looking for any way possible to soothe it LOL
    7. Correction. I found the size. It is 11.5 cm.
    8. Bees Knees, Valli how old are you? I'm 49 and it sounds like something I would say that I heard from my Mom LOL
    9. I would like to see her next to the Tin Man and Lion. Dorothy should actually be smaller than those two.
    10. FatCat ...just seen your avatar !
      and I just remembered who the lion reminds me of ...Pink Panther ! LOL
      fAB ...Pitty Dorothy dosnt get to the old heartstrings like the lion dose
    11. Tinybear: Both the lion and tinman are listed as off-topic in the anthro section.

      Dorothy sort of reminds me of an old porcelain doll face like the mini dolls one gets as ornaments for Christmas

    12. thanks sweetie :aheartbea

      an expensive Christmas ornament LOL ...But yes I agree

      If her body had got a jointed torso I may have liked her
      but like this ...for me she is just a little too normal
    13. The price is just under $180. (The exchange rate between USD and Korean Won is nearly exactly 1000 right now.)

      I'm not really keen on Dorothy. There's nothing very special about her... She's too conventially cute for me ^^;
    14. Oh I adore her! Does anyone know if they have an english site?
    15. bdwvr, older than you! *ggg* She's bound to appeal to some, but 11.5cm doesn't even draw me and I do like that size.
    16. ;)Well Valli, no matter how old you are, I'm catching up fast. The way I look at it, even if I'm blind and deaf one day I can still enjoy holding my dolls (hopefully little Dorothy included:lol:
    17. Strange.. there's two Dorothys I just realized.. I wonder what the difference is or if it's just an accidental repeat?
    18. may be there are 2 versions ...my intereset has been tweeked
      there is a 9.5 basic ?
      but the catagory is empty ...wonder what that will be ....
    19. Really? I didn't notice that. I'm slipping.
      bdwvr - 51! Hehehe. and still plays with dolls. Yup totally dolly dotty and loving it.