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Dollti - New Girl "Ahz"?

Dec 23, 2005

    1. I think she's new, anyway... from what I can understand they've ended domestic sales of Ahz and D (the boy), so I think these auctions are the start of their overseas selling period.

      Problem is, the seller doesn't have any feedback as of yet. Here's the auction:


      She's beautiful, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future sales of her... the auction for her male counterpart ended already, but here it is:

    2. Lovely~! I love the body~~ Her hands are excellent too~~ I think the boy 'D' had a topic that got lost in the news :3
    3. That's a Lovely house girl! Someone posted the link to their main site and they had other Lovelyhouse girls... they must be collaborating with Mink?
    4. Now it makes sense why her body is so fantastic :3 Love those LH dolls~ :3
    5. Yeah, that looks like a sleeping Roo-A head, and that's DEFINATELY a LH body (I used to own one, you can't ever forget a body like that LOL!).

      She's cute!
    6. Sigh... lovelyhouse bodies have the beast breasts... and their pretty little waists and delicate little hands <3<3 Ooooh, I hope to have a doll with a Lovelyhouse body someday... <3
    7. I tried to track down Lovely House... does anyone know if they have an english version site? Is that boy a Lovely House doll as well? I love his body sculpt, and he has a hand giving the middle finger! I hope whoever makes him has it as an option part. o_o <3

      EDIT - Nevermind - I remembered the Vega-like mask in his auction, and tracked them down. ^^
    8. In a thread about the boy a while back, someone said they contact Dollti and it's a friend of Mink's who's hoping to sell LH dolls once she feels well enough to start making them again.

      I noticed she had really nice breasts too! I feel odd saying that... but really, they just seem very natural on her and not artificial like Lishe's sometimes look. No offense meant to Lishe, she's a beautiful girl in her own right. :)
    9. That mouth is just so sweet! I'm not too fond of her eyes, but THAT MOUTH! And Mandiiv is right - those are beautiful breasts.
    10. Want...so bad....trying to resist...no more sleepy eyed girls....
      Agh! She's too wonderful! :drool
    11. Those are DollTi dolls, for which Mink is the designer.
      The website is here: http://www.dollti.com/shop/index.html
      The English site is not ready yet.
      Watch their site for more dolls coming out hopefully within the first 3 months of the year.
      BTW, the ears will no longer be removable like in the original dolls, though I am not sure if the new dolls will have human or elven ears.
    12. Why do they keep tempting me with pretty dolls? I'm in love with ahz...wonder if they'll have msd size? lovely house's site used to have junior size, apparently...so maybe? *is hopeful*
    13. I love the boy's optional hands XP
    14. I asked the seller if they will sell MSD sized ones in the future and they said no that will not happen LOL.
    15. kill my hopes why don't you ^_~

      Ah well...i may have to revise my "i don't want any big dolls" for an ahz eventually <.<...