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Mar 1, 2006

    1. i've never heard or seen these dolls before so.. posting the link to the ebay auctions for them.

      all i have to say really is wow.. six pack and i love the hands.

    2. I went to their website, http://www.dollti.com but it seems as if most items are sold out or has not been released yet.
    3. The information currently on the DollTi bjds is that they are not being sold via the website but individually on Ebay. This current run of the "D" will end with March...I'm not sure if that's the first "spacial 5" or not...it could be, which means that there are twenty more of this boy arriving!

      I do have the "D" and he is normal-skin tone and has the angel crotch - but he is just breathtakingly beautiful with the most amazing face, gorgeous face-up and a tight compact body sculpt reminiscent of Bruce Lee.

      Here are a few of his arrival photos -


      There are more links to the girls and DollTi threads when you do a Search.

    4. Here they are:
    5. Question. The male doll has no 'boy bits'?
    6. elfmoon ~ the boys have "angel crotch" but the sculpt of the torso is an astonishing achievement of a very well-developed male physique. There is no question at all that this doll is male.

      And they are not currently being sold via the website - the company has announced that they will be selling their Limited Edition dolls only through Ebay for the time being.
    7. No. They don't. Just a large bulge. I guess you could always sand down the bulge into 'boy bits'. ^^;
    8. Does anyone know if they will be selling any more of Dollti D after March? It said on the auctions that sales for LE D end at the end of march but I was wondering if there will be a non-LE. I can't afford him now but I must have this boy someday.
    9. No, don't think so. I asked some questions before I bid for my D, and I got this reply:
      "The D now on eBay is one of 20 EA of regular type. The validity of regular 'D' is the end of March 2006 and then it will be shown thru special bidding." Then there's a little graphic showing that there was one special D with normal skin, 2 with white skin and 2 tan, and 20 regular D with normal skin, none in white or tan. (I guess the same goes for Ahz, but I don't know.)
      I don't know what they meant with the special bidding, but it's pretty clear that D is limited.

      Hope that helps,
      Dag :daisy