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Dollti's Dorothy

Aug 18, 2008

    1. They are 9.5 cm tall. I love them they're so cute! I want a flying monkey next :)
    2. Is this company still active? o.o
    3. Is there an English speaking dealer for them? Does anyone have ordering experience?
    4. Yes, they take orders if you just email them at the email listed on the bottom of their site. They'll occasionally put dolls on ebay, but I don't know when they decide to do that.

      I've ordered through email with them and couldn't recommend them enough! I emailed them, they emailed me back that night with payment info, I paid and they shipped the next morning and were super nice!
    5. Here is the page translated
    6. I've been emailing them and received no response.. Has anyone spoken to them lately?
    7. Mitya, have you been emailing them at imp0102@hotmail.com ? I ordered from them only two months ago, and a friend of mine ordered from them in the last days of September and got her doll as well.
    8. yeah, thats the email I've been sending my request to and I can't seem to get a reply o.o I'm wondering if it's me o.o;
    9. Mitya,

      I emailed them at that address when I bought my little dong-e over the summer - I didn't hear back from them for a couple of weeks, and then they contacted me and were wonderful - they said there were only 2 of them handling everything at that time and had gotten behind.... perhaps they have again.
    10. Oh very true, thats most likely it^^ I shouldn't be so pessimistic! I'll wait to hear back and hope they get to my email eventually^^ Thank you for your help:D