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DollWhy.com | Soundplay headphones Dec pre-order & 10% discount on all items

Dec 3, 2011

    1. Dear All,

      DollWhy.com shop is re-open. You can enjoy 10% discount on all items including new items to be added to shop in mid-December. Promotion period until 31/12/2011. :)

    2. Hi there, just visited Dollwhy and almost all of the items are sold out, are these items going to be back in stock soon? Thanks :)
    3. We're restocking items. But some items are permanently sold out due to no more materials.
      Please feel free to let us know which items you are looking for. We'll check them out for you. :)
    4. More good news!!

      Soundplay headphones pre-order for December starts from Dec. 10-31th, GMT+7.
      All items are 10% discount price until Dec. 31th

      New Arrivals
      Mohair wigs

      Outfit for MSD/SD

      Fur wigs for YOSD/MSD/SD