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Update DollWhy | Soundplay pre-order closed~! Thank you!

Apr 26, 2010

    1. Hello,

      I'd like to introduce our online shop DollWhy. We are a group of doll collectors-turned-designers. At DollWhy.com, we are selling BJD outfits, accessories and items like chokers, necklaces, wigs, hats and headphone. More products are on the way.


      * Since we're using only one thread to update our news, please be sure to check the newest update at the newest post. Thank you! :)


      Young Blossoms "MOMOiro"

      Meet DollWhy's new arrival items~!
      "MOMOiro" is a new set of pretty pink dresses.
      Creatively designed by our designer, PYX.

      Could you feel a sweet scent of the young blossoms?
      Available from April 26, 2010


      New Arrival

      Outfit for MSD

      - LOSD-A003 [Limited] Milk Shake for MSD

      - LOSD-A004 [Limited] Muffin for MSD

      - LOSD-A005 [Limited] Merinque for MSD

      - LOSD-A006 [Limited] Mille Feuille for MSD

      Outfit for YoSD

      - LOYD-A003 [Limited] Milk Pudding for YoSD

      - LOYD-A004 [Limited] Marshmellow for YoSD


      Feedback Threads
      DollWhy feedback thread (2009) (Thanks Yukichi for making one for us!)
      DollWhy feedback thread (2010) (Thanks niniatiale for making one for us!)

      News Archive
      Old news thread
    2. Soundplay notice about lack of materials

      Due to the recent long holidays in Thailand, we were unable to obtain raw materials from our regular supplier. In order to ship all orders within time, we need to obtain materials from different suppliers. As a result, there will be slightly changed in the materials used on our latest shipment. However, the changes are barely noticeable and quality is the same.

      We apologize for this inconvenience and promise that our main goal is always to please our customers as best as we can.

      - Soundplay
    3. Restock Update [28/04/2010]
      This might be the last restock we will update for shoes until further notice.

      Shoes for MSD
      - SMD-A003 Canvas Sneaker [Camouflage] for MSD

      - SMD-C002 Classic School Shoes [Black] for MSD

      - SMD-C004 Pretty Girl Shoes [White] for MSD

      Shoes for YoSD
      - SYD-A001 Cutey Panda Shoes for YoSD

      - SYD-A004 Red Ribbon Shoes [White] for YoSD


      Closing customer gallery

      Due to spam and error problem in customer gallery, we're very sorry to have to remove customer gallery from our website onwards until further notice. Customers who would like to share your beautiful pictures with DollWhy products on your dolls could be able to share your photo in our facebook gallery. We're sorry for any inconveniences that might occur.

      Thank you very much for your understanding.
    4. DollWhy 1st Anniversary

      DollWhy will reach its 1st Anniversary on May 20th.
      We'd like to thank you very much for your constant support over the past year.
      We offer special items at US$3 and US$1 price tag to celebrate our 1st anniversary.

      Special T-shirt DollWhy 1st Anniversary
      TSD-A005 | TSD-A006 || US$3
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Four Leaves Clover Necklace
      NSD-B025 [Gold] | NSD-B026 [Silver] | NSD-B027 [Black] || US$1
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      * Items are in limited quantity
    5. Restock Update [21/05/2010]

      Accessories : Choker
      - CSD-A005 Leather Collar to Wrist Restraints for SD

      - WSD-A010 Fur Wig with Cat Ears [Jet Black] for SD

      - WMD-A008 Fur Wig with Cat Ears [Sandy Brown] for MSD
    6. Thank you very much for your support of DollWhy 1st Anniversary special items~!
      We decided to restock our lucky clover necklaces a little more for customers who couldn't grab them in time~ :D Please check them out~ ^^

      Four Leaves Clover Necklace
      NSD-B026 [Silver] | NSD-B027 [Black] || US$1
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Also Soundplay has restocked their headphones~ ^^

      - SPH-A001 Hardy Headphone Type A [Black] for SD

      - SPH-B002 Gentle Headphone Type B [Black] for SD

      - SPH-B001 Gentle Headphone Type B [Black] for MSD
    7. Soundplay has restocked their headphones~ ^^

      - SPG-A001 Soundplay Classic Gold Headphone for SD

      - SPD-A001 Soundplay Death Metal Headphone for SD
    8. New arrival of DollWhy new outfit and Hoshino. necklace~ :D

      - TSD-A007 Silver Knight for SD

      - TSD-A008 Metal for SD

      - TSD-A009 Gent Gray for SD

      - TSD-A010 White Crown for SD

      Flower Necklace
      - HSN-B036 The Promises Necklace for SD

      Sweets Necklace
      - Party Cheesecake No.1~17 series Necklace. All of them are one-off except Party Cheesecake No.6 which has 2 stocks available.
    9. DollWhy in Hong Kong Dollism Plus 5, booth Q-6

      DollWhy will attend Hong Kong Dollism Plus 5.
      On August 1st, 2010. Our booth is no. Q-6

      Meet our new limited outfits, headphones, and accessories from Soundplay and Hoshino.
      Special for HK customers, DollWhy will release HKDP5 limited outfits.
      Available in event only. Not available in our international website.

      DollWhy at Booth Q-6


      New Limited Steampunk outfit for SD13/SD16


      Obsessed with gadgets and gear?

      DollWhy presents our designer outfit for SD13 Boy and its matching design for SD13, SD16 Girl in Steampunk theme.
      The gears are now turing. Let's check them out in our website!

      Outfits will be available from 2 August, 2010
      * Outfits are in limited quantity.
      * Goggles could be added optional with extra price.

      [Limited] Steampunk for SD13 Boy

      [Limited] Steampunk for SD13/16 Girl
    10. More updates about DollWhy in HKDP5

      We'll have LE outfit set for HKDP5 only (not available in our international website). For more details and photos please check our Facebook.
    11. DollWhy Steampunk Set for both boy & girl is now available at website :)
    12. is the white baron outfit still available?
    13. torimiko - White Baron is HKDP5 Limited. It's now sold out. Sorry. ^^;
    14. We have many updates today~! ^_____^

      Return of Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood


      In the wild wilderness a pretty girl in red hood is in danger.
      Can you save her from the big hungry wolf?

      - LOSD-A005 [One-Off] Big Bad Wolf for SD
      - LOMD-A007 [One-Off] Little Red Riding Hood for MSD
      [​IMG] [​IMG]


      Pre-order Soundplay headphones

      Soundplay has been informed of the increasing demand for our headphones.
      In order to guarantee you’ll never miss Soundplay headphones, we decide to change our ordering system into pre-order.

      The first pre-order period will start from August 14-31, 2010.
      Every pre-order placed in August will be given earphones and iPod for FREE.
      * Limited one gift per one customer only.

      We’ll open pre-order periodically with variety of headphones.
      Please stay tune to our update.
      List of products available for pre-order in August 2010
      You can check Soundplay pre-order items under category "Soundplay" -> "Pre-Order".

      Headphone for SD
      - Swan Song Headphone for SD
      - Soundplay Red Devil Headphone for SD
      - Soundplay Candy Headphone for SD [Available for all colors]

      Headphone for MSD
      - Little Swan Song Headphone for MSD
      - Soundplay Candy Headphone for MSD [Available for all colors]

      New Headphones
      - Swan Song Headphone for SD
      - Little Swan Song Headphone for MSD
      [​IMG] [​IMG]


      Hoshino.(Dr.Seiji)'s Necklaces New Arrival
      Dr.Seiji (aka Hoshino. at DollWhy) has offered several of her beautiful necklaces. Please check them out at our website~!

      Flower Necklaces
      - HSN-B037 Coral Dew Necklace for SD
      - HSN-B038 Night Bird Necklace [Black] for SD
      - HSN-B039 Night Bird Necklace [Blue] for SD
      - HSN-B040 Night Bird Necklace [Green] for SD
      - HSN-B041 Coral Rose Necklace for SD
      - HSN-B042 [One-Off] Brown Roses Choker for SD and MSD

      Sweets Necklace
      - HSN-C018 Chocolate Biscuit Necklace for YoSD

      - HSN-D001 Rocking Horse Necklace for MSD and YoSD
    15. Wahhh I really really want that Big Bad Wolf outfit...is there really only one?

      I'm afraid to miss out
    16. Yes, Big Bad Wolf is one-off dress. We have only one for sale :)

      PS. If products are disappeared from shop, it means shop system automatically hide it when that product is sold out. Our staffs will display product manually. We're sorry for any inconvenience that might occur.
    17. Restock of Hoshino products 15-08-2010

      We've restocked some of Hoshino. products. Please check www.dollwhy.com for update.

      Flower necklace
      - HSN-B015 Apple Blossom
      - HSN-B018 Vergin Lolita
      - HSN-B020 Ametis Virginia
      - HSN-B021 Crystalised Petals
      - HSN-B026 Pinky Spring
      - HSN-B032 Paradise Rose [Dark Purple]
      - HSN-B033 Paradise Rose [Cream]
      - HSN-B034 Paradise Rose [Pale Orange]
      - HSN-B035 Paradise Rose [Red]
      - HSN-B036 The Promise

      Sweets necklace
      - [One-Off] Party Cheesecake necklace for all x14

      - Gate Keeper for SD
      - Fly Away for SD

      - HSH-A001 Pearl Hairband for all [Pure White]
      - HSH-A002 Pearl Hairband for all [Ivory]
      - HSH-A003 Pearl Hairband for all [Antique Gold]
      - HSH-A004 Pearl Hairband for all [Peach Pink]
      - HSH-A005 Pearl Hairband for all [Aquamarine]
      - HSH-A006 Pearl Hairband for all [Smokey Grey]
      - HSH-A007 Pearl Hairband for all [Gun Metal]
    18. Due to recent currency rate change,
      we'll adjust the currency used in our shop, effective on September 1st onward.
      New price will be announced.

      All the price of our procucts are changed from September 1, 2010.
      Please refrain from placing new order on September 1st until we announce the adjustment is finished.
      DollWhy customer service and shipping is still working.
      Please feel free to contact us should you have any question.

      We're sorry for the inconveniences that might occur.
      We hope your generous understanding.

      My note - other than on September 1st, all customers could place order normally :)
    19. This is the News Forum --
      PLEASE, all questions and answers on ordering should be made via private emails or pms.