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Dolly androgyny -why do we like it?

Jul 25, 2008

    1. These dolls are both androgynous and childlike (even the adult ones). I can understand the desire to have a fantasy child (like we did when we were little), but why are we so attracted to the concept of owning a fantasy adult who is impossibly androgynous and who combines extremely youthful features with a mature body? Please don't mistake me - I find them just as compelling as everyone else - there's no judgement here! I just wonder what they say to us about human sexuality. I'dlove to hear some theories!
    2. Not everyone is attracted to this type of doll; I'm not, for example. The few adult male dolls I have do not have child or especially feminine faces and I particularly dislike child-like female dolls with mature bodies. I'm not prudish; I just prefer adult dolls to be adults. This hobby attracts lots of people for lots of reasons and there appears to be a doll for all tastes.
    3. Interesting indeed!

      I have mostly boy dolls but almost all of them would probably look equally good dressed up like a girl. I don't have any particular motive for that aside from loving fantasy-looking characters. I wonder what might be operating subconsciously, though!
    4. Check out graphic novels, comix, movies, and a variety of other media. The most elegant creatures always have a degree of androgyny to them, whether long hair, tallness and thinness (even the muscle bound are somehow more elegant than bulky real-life bodybuilders), with faces that would look as well in makeup, if not already *wearing* some.

      It's some sort of ideal built into the species.

      That said, I have no desire for a "fantasy child". I haven't even had a desire for a real one! So all my characters eventually must reflect adult personalities. But I see no problem in having a variety of "looks" for them. Femmy men abound in real life, too, you know. (Because I'm pretty dead certain macho girls are not one of the concerns being raised in this thread!)
    5. As an androgynous person, I like androgyny. As an anime fan, I've grown up around prettyboys, and since I got into this hobby through the anime fandom, I tend to be more attracted to prettyboy molds.

      I don't think I'd ever have a character for my young-looking dolls that was meant to be in their twenties or thirties, though. If I ever decide to have a doll for an older character, I'll look for an older sculpt.

      That said, my reasons for having these dolls are simply because they're pretty. I like the customization and characterization, and I've become rather interested in building little worlds around them. These dolls are far from having 'fantasy children' or 'fantasy adults'. They're like book characters or drawings in 3D for me, and as such, are simply another outlet for my creativity.
    6. I like both, but I really would like more manly molds |D'
      And not so hyper-cute girls, with BIG eyes and small lips..."normal" dolls would make me much happier . _.
    7. i'm often androgynous in the 'undesirable' way, in that i find a lot of people dislike women who often appear masculine. that's a trait in the BJD fandom i've come to realise is often disliked by people.

      people seem to LOVE ladyboys. what about manlygirls eh?

      just a thought for you there, nothing spiteful or anything.

      anyway, on the subject more, i love androgyny. i think it stems back to my childhood of stuff like that being frowned upon by my family. it seems to be something that is programed into us but society outside us seems to have an aversion for it. bah, i'm making no sense.
    8. Actually I was thinking about this subject earlier. I've seen male msd's with varying degrees of muscles (from lati blues to AoD), but most faces are very young! I'm a firm believer in supply and demand, and since young female boys are in supply there must be a high demand for them. But I cannot understand them... I've never seen a boy with a matured body and a very young face.
      Ofcourse when it comes to female dolls with young faces and mature bodies my thoughts of it is heavily influenced by my own looks. I know that when I was 16 someone who looked at my face could mistake me for a 12yrold, whereas my body most certainly was NOT a 12 yrolds.
      I must say that I'm not a big fan of andrygonous males, and would very much like it if there were more manly male sculpts. But given the way most sculpts look my views are not those of the majority.
    9. i don't like them at all, so i guess i can't answer XD
    10. I like the androgyny. I think it's the anime, manga, and asian pop culture influence though. Most of the asian entertainment guys are lanky with a bit of definition, tall and with a pretty face and semi long styled hair. I grew up in an asian community so I am very used to it, big football player type guys etc scare me a lot I must confess. These dolls were made in asian countries so I assume they just follow the trends. :)
    11. I don't mind the androgyny myself - it's part of the Asian aesthetic based on manga and anime - but all my boys look like men and have adult bodies - Yukinojo Sawaragi, Iplehouse Aaron, two Bishonen House dolls.

      I do find the msd-size dolls with muscular bodies or large busts very weird though. I have a few tinies that all have properly childlike bodies - round bellies, soft lines to the limbs, dimples on the knees, etc. I would never buy a doll with a child's face and an adult body.
    12. I'm not sure where dolls with children's faces and mature/maturing bodies fit in eastern culture--here in the west, it seems like a tradition that goes back at least as far as the early Cissy dolls. Perhaps it gave the intended audience (young girls) a chance to play dress up with their dollies but still have a nurturing "taking care of the baby" quality to it.

      I do prefer mature faces and bodies, myself, and I hope that manufacturers catch on to the fact that there's a martket for them..
    13. I like these dolls cause.. well I'm a bishie myself.
      So it's nice to have something that looks not only like an anime or manga character ( a realistic one). But is androgynous like me, so I don't feel that bad about it when it's obvious many people like that sort of thing. (the people here*where I live* it's close to nil)
    14. I like Jrock way too much -_- So I guess I expect my dolls to be just as pretty and able to look like girls.
    15. I'm all for androgyny, in the right context. However having manly bodies and girly faces is not truly androgynous. It's ridiculous. You want true androgyny look at Annie Lennox, or David Bowie. Tilda Swinton is AMAZING in that regard. Anime Bishounen are not really androgynous, they are just pretty boys. Androgyny is not about youth, it's about NOT having a sex. Absence of distinctive male or female features. I've seen very few dolls that could truly be called androgynous.
    16. I think there's something to be said for androgynous figures...a lot of people find them attractive, that their indefinite class puts them on a godly level...something less human, but somehow above us. I don't mind it myself, I think it can be utterly adorable, and like some people, some dolls are just like that!!

      I don't think I'd ever want to have all androgynous BJDs, but a few mixed in with my manly men and girly girls is perfectly fine, and most loved. ^^
    17. that's interesting. a lot of books and movies portray gods and/or mythical beings (sometimes even aliens and especially angels) as being like this.
    18. I like my dolls to know their genders and look their own genders myself but my boy doll seems to have a more feminine face up so but I still think that he is masculine.

      I think that hobbies reflect society and what is going on. Hot terms right now are 'metrosexual' where back in the day you would think the male was gay because of his grooming and dress and the way he carried himself but now he might be straight or or bi.

      The same goes for women.You just cant tell who is who and what is what more and more. There have bene times when I was not sure how to adress some one ( Mr. Miss) because I was not sure what they were. I know that sounds awful but its happening more frequently. I think that it might be a new style or fad and who knows in 20 years we will all be dressing in victorian fashion again and so will all our dolls lol...
    19. I agree with those citing the affiliation with manga/anime/jrock/etc. That's the trend the companies seem to follow. I like the prettyboy look and that's how I got into these dolls, myself. I think a lot of people come into this hobby from their other j-culture interests, so that is why you'll find a lot of preference for this kind of look here.

      If you're asking why the preference is there to begin with.. Ahh.. androgyny (of both genders) is just physically attractive to me. I'm not too keen on the "young face, mature body" look, though. :)
    20. My Luna looks a bit generic at the moment with her homemade sockdress, but I intend to give her some slightly boyish clothes ASAP