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Dolly Birthdays

Jun 19, 2011

    1. (Their was a related thread on here but not what I was looking for in my answer. )

      Is it too much? Do you celebrate them? What day do you celebrate (day you bought them, day they arrived, day they were "completed")? && what do you do for them if anything?

    2. I like for my dolls to have birthdays, as a character thing (and those birthdays have nothing to do with when they were ordered/arrived), but I haven't celebrated them. It's easier to do them all together on Doll's Day or Christmas if I want to give them new things or take 'celebration/gift opening' pictures.

    3. I make it the day they arrived. : ) I normally buy them a bunch of clothing or other things for their birthday.
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    4. My boys were both floating heads (Aren still is), so I count their birthday as the day that they were completed as a doll (which Aren will be soon ^^ ). As for what I do on their birthdays, on the two birthdays Raphael has had so far, I bought a little book for him. Just something small (cuz I am poor), but I do buy him gifts. And I will do the same for Aren too once he is complete.
    5. I count the day they arrive as the birthday. It just make sense to me. They're kind of being born, in a sense- new home, new character (be they new from the company or from a previous home).
    6. Well my first doll was a birthday present, so I like to think we share one birthday. My other and future dolls come with a character-built-in birthdate so it's easier for me to use those instead of remembering shipping arrival dates.
    7. I don't really celebrate their birthday but for the day they arrived, I just say to my boy "hey happy birthday baby :D"
      But if I want to buy them a little present this year !
    8. Wow that's a great idea! :D
      I have 2 or 4 (yup yup, I have 2 sure dolls and 2 unbalancing on Y!JP) dolls on the way, I think I'll take presents for them on their birthday! :D
    9. My dolls have their own birthday not related to the day they arrived, but according to the story they're from. I don't celebrate them, because it's simply too many. They're getting stuff all the time anyway. :lol:
    10. I planned out birthdays for the characters that the my dolls are supposed to represent, so I treat that date as their "birthday". I did try to order them around their general birthdays so that their arrival wouldn't be *too* far off from their planned dates of birth. :)

      As for celebration, I usually do something small, although rather cheesy. Might just be as simple as some extra playtime that day, really. ^^
    11. haven't experienced this since my doll is just months old..but maybe I'll just greet them a happy birthday, buy some mini cakes (which eventually will be consumed by me, mwahahah), and that's it..
    12. I have birthdays planned out for all of my characters, so any of the ones I decide to represent with dolls already have birthdays for the most part. However, the day that Soren arrived, it also happened to be his birthday that was planned years beforehand. :)
    13. What a cute idea!
      Sadly...I don't remember the exact day they came to me :(
    14. I keep track of the arrival date of my boys XD ....and looking forward to celebrate with them!
      I take the arrival date as their birthday ^0^
    15. I haven't had my doll for a full year yet, but I consider his "birthday" to be the day I got him and brought him home. I don't think I'll do anything special for his birthday, but because he's a scientist I did get him a small beaker and erlenmyer flask for Christmas. :)
    16. I only have a few dolls who have definite birthdays. Sometimes I'll take a pic, but other times what they get is a new outfit I've made for them, or an upgrade by way of a faceup or restringing or other care.
    17. For most of my dolls I can't even remember when they arrived, only which month or so xD So none of them have a birthday which makes it also a bit harder to remember how old they actually are xD I can't even remember when my first came, was it 2 or 3 years... it always makes me look back at the boxopening topics I made ;) They're the only reference I have on their ages ...

      I know tons of details about the days they arrived, just not the dates or years xD Sometimes even the deliveryman is fresh on the memory :p
    18. I don't think "celebrating" a doll "birthday" is too much... I usually purchase the doll a new atricle of clothing and do a fun photoshoot to post and share the news with my friends that is my doll's birthday. :) I always use the day they arrive in my house as their "Birthday" and it helps me keep track of how long I have had them... as I try not to get more then one a year, so I think to myself... "who was the last doll in and when was their birthday?" and I try not to buy another doll until the newest doll is atleast "a year old".
    19. My dolls' birthdays are the day they arrived home 'complete', so for most it's the day they arrived, but for dolls that were floating heads it's the day their bodies arrived and they were complete dolls :)

      I'm terrible about remembering birthdays though. I try and keep up with them and buy them something nice for their birthday, but I know I've missed a few :lol: I don't really do anything special for dolly birthdays either, it's a nice excuse to buy something new for them but I don't really do birthday parties or photoshoots really.

      I like to keep a record of their birthdays so that I know how long I've had them, otherwise I'm bound to forget :sweat
    20. my special dolls have birthdays i actively celebrate. (atm i celebrate 2 dolly birthdays).
      One is July 14th, the other is August 9th.
      Their Birthdays are the day they arrive home for me, and i usually do something like make them outfits or with the smaller doll i remade her boxroom kitchen so it looked nice and pretty.