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Dolly burnout?

Jul 7, 2007

    1. Has anyone ever had "Dolly Burnout"? *shudder*

      Not that I have it...yet, but I have had burnout with other hobbies. I have collected dolls on and off for years,

      :aheartbea But nothing has brought out so much passion in me as collecting/playing with
      my ABJDs! :aheartbea

      Relationships can be that way. Some gradually grow, and some come on real fast, but die just as fast.

      I have been spending all my spare money on these dolls of late, spoiling them rotten with toys and accesories. ...And enjoying every second of it.
      But I'm worrried....*_* .....could I burnout?
    2. I've been collecting for almost three years...haven't had burnout once. I hope it never happens. I know it does...but I don't think I'd sell my dolls even if I didn't want to play with them anymore.
    3. Im worried that it might if i dont get my first doll soon!

      So im saving like crazy!
    4. I've been into bjds for the past two years and see no signs of burning out. There are so many things hobbyists can do with their dolls, and so many new dolls and clothing coming out that it doesn't get old for me.
    5. I'm definitely feeling burnt-out lately...

    6. Ive liked BJD for a year now, and theyre a source of endless fascination! I hope I dont get bored ^^
    7. I've been collecting dolls for over 15 years. My focus has changed over the years but I have been into BJDs only for the last 2 years. I don't see me getting burned out or my interest waning. BJDs are so interactive - other dolls just sit on a shelf!
    8. i go through times when i play with my dolls more and times when i don't, but i think this is determined by other things in my life, like school, work, friends, rather than what i'd rather be doing with my time.

      it is different for everyone and i'm sure there are a lot who take a break from the hobby for a time and then come back.
    9. This is my third year of being active in this hobby (after several years of admiring from afar), and so far, I'm not feeling burnt out at all.

      I think it can always happen, though, in any hobby. I've been into hobbies before that I didn't think I'd ever quit -- like Kisekae dolls, for example --, and yet I ended up leaving them eventually, sometimes after many years.
    10. I don't really worry about it. I have other things I have collected over the years and while my interest might dwindle, I have never really gotten out of the collecting. My beanie babies are a perfect example. I collected them like mad when they first came out, then my interest shifted away, but everytime I see one I like I buy it and put it with the others so they have a new friends :). So right now I'm in love with the dolls and getting my first one soon, and I know there is a chance my interest in them will one day dwindle down quite a bit, but they'll still be my little dollies and I'll still love them they just won't be getting spoiled rotten as much lol.
    11. Burnout is possible, but you see it a LOT LESS in this hobby than other ones. You will go in phases where you might buy a lot, then not buy anything new for a long time. It doesn't mean you are burned out. :D Sometimes putting your doll up for a bit can bring back that shock of awesomeness when you open the box again.
    12. I've owned BJDs for a little over two years and while I've slowed down in my purchases I'm still just as active and interested.

      Of course, most DoAers who respond to this will be people who haven't burned out, and people who did for a while but came back to it. The people who really burned out aren't here any more. I could give you a pretty long list of names of people who are no longer around. I know some sold all of their dolls and walked away from the hobby completely. :(
    13. I've been collecting BJD's for over a year now and I'm just as "nuts" about em now as I was, if not more so, when I first started. No burnout here!! :)
    14. I feel like that sometimes also. More so in the Summer Time. Just way to much other stuff to do, (yard work, etc.) and not as much playing with them, but they are always on my mind. I'm still writing stories for them, so when things do slow down, the stories will be written then just take the pictures. I know for sure, I'm more active with them in the fall/winter/spring time. Too cold to do anything outside, so more playing inside. :)
      But never burned out. :aheartbea :aheartbea

    15. Having experienced real-life "burnout" (the kind where you're always exhausted and your brain ceases to function) I can say without question that no, I haven't experienced doll burnout.

      Oddly enough, I've come to a place with my other $$ hobby (anime cel collecting) where the fires don't burn quite as hotly, and keeping up the web gallery is more of a chore than anything else. But I just sent a message to some of our doll buddies this evening that mentioned how working with the cels makes me want more -- at least of my favorite characters!

      I suspect it would be the same with dolls - eventually. Maybe. But I'm not even close to that yet. Maybe close in terms of sheer numbers, but not even close in terms of interest. I've found this to past year to be very much like my first year of collecting cels - I tended at first to go for what was inexpensive and/or readily available while I was learning what I liked best, how to get what I liked best, and how to alter what I didn't like. I seem to have settled on an overall style I like, if not a particular company's dolls or a specific size. :)

      If anyone is feeling a tad burned out -- my advice is that it never hurts to step away for a short bit and see how you feel later on. They won't go anywhere while you're out.

      At least... I hope they won't!
    16. In May, I had a dolly burn-out. I was so sick of them that I didn't wanna play with them, take photos, change their clothes, etc. Sometimes, even looking at them would make me cranky.

      So I ignored them for over a month. Then when my Elfdoll tiny arrived in June, I slowly began loving my dolls again. Now I'm enjoying them again but something has definitely changed. I don't care much for photostories or having masses of clothes/wigs. I'm gradually downsizing my collection and I feel good doing it.
    17. I've had a couple burnouts since being into BJDs over a year. It's not that I start disliking them, I just start ignoring my doll and anything to do with dolls. But somehow, I always come back to them, and I know my love for dolls deep down is strong! Right now, I'm on a doll kick XD mostly because I'm excited to get my new boy in a couple months.
    18. i burnout of every hobby every once and awhile. that's how i know if i'm really into something. i had a period where i thought of "quitting" anime(so expensive *dies*). but because i love it so much i came back to it. it's like that saying... "if you love something let it go. if it comes back it's yours."(this does not apply to cougars/mountain lions...trailer park boys reference lol). so we'll see if i burn out of bjd or if i sacrifice my anime obsession for it 0.0!(though i will never compromise my gothic lolita attachment. that's first priority right now!)
    19. Not burnout . . . but sometimes it's nice to take a few days off. *shudders* LOL!
    20. hm, no burnout, no, just holidays ^_^

      your first doll? Than you won't have a burnout, you want more!!